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Since ancient times solar and heat energy has been harnessed by humans to resolve the growing scarcity of energy sources via various technologies,Guest Posting which mainly includes solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity. The main advantage of using sunlight as the source of energy is its availability (174 petawatts

(PW)). Also, other than being a renewable source of energy, it is a clean form of energy and unlike few other sources of energy, it does not cause pollution.
Out of the already mentioned ways of harnessing energy from sunlight, the most efficient and widely used are the Solar Panels. These are basically an assembly of hundreds of solar cells or photovoltaic cells. For generating electricity on larger scale for commercial and residential purposes these solar panels are assembled to form a large photovoltaic system capable of generating thousands of watts of electricity.

The Solar cells present in the solar panels are made up of a semiconducting material (mainly silicon) layer consisting free electrons which when exposed to sun rays gets excited and start vibrating and jumping back and forth, producing Direct Current or DC power. As the house hold appliances and other electronic devices uses

Alternating Current (AC) power, the DC power generated by the photovoltaic systems is sent to inverter which converts this DC power to AC power. The generated AC power is then sent to the electrical appliances with the help of a breaker box.

Next comes the computerized controllers with the main function of regulating and controlling the power required and directing the unused power back to the grid which is used to satisfy the additional demand of electricity when that produced by the solar panels is not sufficient or at night or cloudy weather when there is no
sunlight for solar panels to work. The units of electricity consumed or supplied by the utility grid are measured with the help of a meter which determine our electricity bill.
This was the case when the units of energy (electricity) generated by the solar panels are not sufficient to run all appliances or carry out  daily house hold works, now what if the units generated exceeds than what is required. Will that energy will be wasted or is it stored somewhere for future use??

Well the answer to this is that when the units produced by the solar panels are more than what is required then the house meter starts to turn left and the excessive units produced are sent and sold to the utility company at the same rate what they charge from their customers. Thus Solar Panels if properly installed on one hand saves your electricity bill and on the other help you to earn as well.

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