Straight seam line pipe

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information about Straight seam line pipe

Straight seam line pipe is used in the special oil pipeline and gas transmission pipeline steel tube,Guest Posting material for L175 L855, X42 X85 and LNB and other special materials. Straight seam line pipe domestic standards GB/T9711.1-1997, GB/T9711.2-1997, API 5 l PSL1, API 5 l PSL2, APL, 5 l. Straight seam pipes adopts SAWL pipe production process, a weld pipe body (greater than 914 mm in diameter to allow two straight weld), delivery is usually 3-12 mm length. Straight seam line pipe is mainly used in domestic, natural gas, petroleum transmission pipeline more for export for oil pipeline. Straight seam line pipe include high frequency straight seam steel pipe HFW molding process of the straight seam steel pipe, China's largest can produce 660 mm high frequency straight seam line pipe, large diameter line pipe for more double-sided submerged arc welding seam straight pipeline steel pipe. Including COW combination straight seam welding line pipe, COW combination welding is gas shielded welding and submerged arc welding using a combination of welding process. Straight seam line pipe diameter largest production to 1420 mm, the longest 14 meters. Export straight seam line pipe steel pipe material with the material, the most commonly used are: ASTM A53M, ASTM A106, ASTM B36.10 M, ASTM, ASTM A252, API Spec 5 l, 36.1 API Std 5 b, ANSI, ASTM A589 B36.10 M.

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