Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Ambrane Power Bank

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Tempered glass screen protector can be your phone’s knight in shining armor and save the day for you many a times. Tempered glass screen protectors are made from tempered or toughened glass.

The tempered glass is much stronger than normal glass; also the tempered glass is heat resistant and does not break in the same way as normal glass would.

Tempered glass screen protector not only protect the phone screen but also ensure that that phone remains scratch free,Guest Posting fingerprint free and does not reflect on light and hinder the view. Here are the top ways in which tempered glass screen protector is useful:

  1. Protection of screen protection of screen is the reason which prompts many people to use tempered glass protector. The tempered glass screen protector ensures that there is a layer of strong toughened glass between the screen and whatever comes in contact with it including keys, concrete wall, table top or any other surface. The tempered glass is 4 times greater in strength than normal glass which means that it can protect the phone screen four times better than normal glass protector.
  2. Scratch resistant there is a layer on top of the tempered glass screen protector which makes it scratch resistant. I cannot call it scratch free tough. There can be certain metals that might cause scratches to appear on the phone screen but the glass screen protector will still be protecting the phone’s screen from scratches which is a good thing.
  3. Finger print resistant The oleophobic coating that is there on the tempered glass prevents any sort of finger print, oil print to develop on the phone screen. Even if there is a finger print, you can easily swipe it clean with a cleaning agent and cotton swab. Glass is best cleaned with paper, so you can use a paper to clean the surface of the glass screen protector as well.
  4. Anti-Reflective

The surface of some of the tempered glass screen protector is such that it does not let light to reflect back, hence you will not have any trouble using your phone even if you are out in the sun. There is a more advanced type of anti-reflective tempered glass which only let you see whatever is there on the screen if you are looking straight at it, this protects your phone from the prying eyes of the person sitting next to you(in the metro/bus/train/office), thus letting you have better privacy.

For me there are certain things that my Smartphone is incomplete without, like my ambrane power bank, my mobile cover and a toughened glass on my screen. These are basic mobile accessories which are very practical and useful.

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