What's new in Casper Silicon and What is Casper UV Box?

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Introduced Casper Silicone Tempered glass for iPhone and Casper UV Tempered Glass for Samsung. Both Glass have a 0.3mm thin 9h hardness glass. it comes with Oleophobic Coating

Every smartphone needs a screen protector,Guest Posting as many of you may experience cell phone screen damage or scratches. Cell phone screen damage is the second most expensive element to replace a phone. Tempered glass is used to protect your cell phone screen from scratches and other damage.

There are many types of tempered glass available online, but not all are safe and protective. Mobilesentrix offers a premium tempered glass for iPhone, iPad, Google Pixels and Samsung phones. This Casper tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary mobile phone tempered glass.

Features of Casper Tempered Glass.

Heat Resistant: - It will protect your phone from heat damage.

Touch Sensitivity: - This Casper Tempered Glass will retain the same Touch sensitivity and smoothness as the original screen Touch.

Thickness: - It has 0.3MM Thickness, and it is also in high demand worldwide.

Oleophobic Coating: - The oleophobic Coating also has a slightly slippery feel to it, which makes our Glass feel slick to the touch.

Ultra-Thin HD Clarity: - This Casper Glass provides you HD Clarity Transparency.


After the grand new success of Casper Tempered Glass we introduce new technology to make it much better

CASPER Silicone is the next-gen of tempered glass. It extends out to the edges adding a nice silicone protection layer around the device. This silicone extends beyond the curvature of the glass to protect against impact. CASPER Silicone is ready to help against any impact.

 CASPER UV tempered glass comes as a solution to the industry after carefully reviewing the current products in the market. It revolutionizes the main three issues with the existing products.


  1. STRENGTH and CURVATURE - No existing tempered glass is as strong, flexible, and it can adhere to a curved screen as Casper UV.


  1. A premium UV adhesive and well-thought dispenser. - Forget the old-time dispenser; we have improved to have a well-sealed lid for an easy to dispense experience. Oh, and did we mention the premium glue inside the magic new bottle? You will absolutely love it!
  • CASPER UV tempered glass and Casper UV Box is the new and improved technology in the screen protection industry. It achieves total adhesion and prolonged strength.


Casper UV Box - We have created a UV box exclusively designed to install UV tempered glass perfectly. Casper UV box is the perfect size for most phones, with UV LEDs aligned to reach the device surface perfectly with a calculated timer for best results.

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Mobilesentrix introduced new Casper Tempered Glass for Cell Phone, today We upgrade our screen protector to Casper Silicone for iPhone and Casper UV for Samsung. All Screen Protector quality tested and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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