When do you Need Tempered Glass Screen Guard?

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Tempered glass screen guard is designed for the sole purpose protecting your mobile screen from physical damages.

There was a time when screen guard was not much popular,Guest Posting but with modern days and those expensive mobile phones, tempered glass screen guard becomes necessary. Most smartphones you’ll buy use Corning’s glass. This is a toughened, hard glass with high scratch resistance. Corning has actually been releasing new versions of tempered glass screen guard over the years. You can easily buy tempered glass screen guard online with wide variety of designs to choose from and that too at affordable price.

Your smartphone screen is already fairly scratch resistant — assuming you has a recent smartphone and not one that is five years old. If you’re already using a screen protector, you may see a scratch or two on your screen protector and think it’s doing a good job. This isn’t necessarily true — materials that would scratch a plastic screen protector won’t necessarily scratch your phone’s glass screen.

Even the keys in your pocket shouldn’t be able to scratch a modern glass screen guard display. These tempered glass protector are stronger than the normal screen guard. This screen guard is harder than the metal used in keys, coins, and other common household metal items.

When do you need screen guard?

Some common materials can scratch glass. The biggest culprit is sand — if you go to the beach and end up with some sand in your pocket, that sand can rub against your smartphone glass screen and scratch it. Hard rock’s work similarly — if you drop your smartphone on the ground and it skids along concrete or rocks, there’s a good chance its display will be scratched among other damage. Other types of glass, rare metals, and very-hard materials like diamonds can also scratch a glass screen protector. So, if you spend a lot of time at the beach, you might want a screen protector anyway.

Screen protectors also boast anti-fingerprint coatings, but modern smartphones have “oleophobic” coatings that repel the oil on your fingers, reducing unsightly fingerprints. Even if you have fingerprints building up, you just need to give the screen a quick wipe — ideally with a microfiber cloth.

How to Apply Tempered Glass Screen Guard

To apply a screen protector first remove your mobile case, then clean your device screen with a microfiber cloth, apply a bit of soapy water to the screen protector, and then press it on top of the screen. You need to position the protector properly so it fits, and you also need to ensure the screen protector is applied flat on the screen. You wouldn’t want any unsightly bubbles or cracks appearing under the protector.

You end up with a plastic shield over your device’s screen. If your screen would be scratched, the screen protector will be scratched instead. It’s easier to replace the plastic if it gets scratched than to replace the glass on your device’s screen.

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