The Business Value of a Mobile-First App in a Post-Desktop World

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We have moved from a desktop-driven world to a mobile-first world. Connect with HokuApps, a rapid app development platform, to develop full-stack custom mobile apps.

Mobile devices have replaced desktops in multiple scenarios for people from all walks of life. While most use smartphones for social media and browsing,Guest Posting we also observe the amalgamation of business with mobile devices increasingly to manage operations and streamline workflows.

A featured opinion by IBM states, “The global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.87 billion people or 42.5% of the global workforce in 2022, up from 38.8% in 2016. As workers become increasingly mobile, so does their primary work device.”

The shift is visible in the demand for custom mobile apps, which makes it easier for businesspersons and employees to retrieve information and improve decision-making. Moreover, companies can leverage technology to optimize processes. So much so that even Google is preparing for mobile-first indexing.

Custom mobile apps allow the functioning of complex workflows and streamlining efficiency across the board. However, to experience this change, businesses need to invest in mobile app development. And the most efficient way to build enterprise applications is by building them on a rapid app development platform. Specifically, a low code app development platform like HokuApps can build and deploy custom mobile apps in days or weeks.

Here, businesses require a mobile-first plan of action to experience better productivity. Let’s look at the advantages of a mobile-first strategy.

Enterprise Mobile Apps in Context

The old normal was all about the desktop and the laptop, which is where enterprises concentrated by designing desktop-first applications. This was where businesses would experience the most traffic from.

This scenario created a movement where any business with the monetary and technological means would invest in a custom mobile app. Usually, investments were made only by large companies, while MSMEs lagged.

Then came the advent of the mobile for business use. Smartphones took to becoming more powerful, coinciding with investments in network connectivity. This is ‘the New Normal.’ A scenario where smartphones were replacing desktops.

The new normal creates a mobile-first strategy where rapid app development platforms can build enterprise technology quickly. Today, this is where most businesses experience traffic and brand visibility.

The advantages of a mobile-first rapid app development strategy include:

Speed of Development

The key advantage of rapid app development platforms is its low code app development characteristic. Think of it as a set of Lego bricks. Each set of bricks is pre-designed for a particular industry or workflow.

The most frequently used modules are:

  1. Field service

  2. CRM

  3. ERP

  4. HRM

  5. Shopfloor automation

What HokuApps rapid app development platform does is, it customizes the module in focus to accommodate a business’s unique requirements. Industry-wise, think of customizing the workflow to construction, banking and finance systems, and retail industries.

Then each module is connected to pre-defined components like Asana, Airbrake, Freshdesk and GitHub. Because of its low code app development method, products are produced at rapid speed, bringing together modules and components at will.

Features and Quality

All Lego bricks and sets, i.e., modules and components are pre-checked to ensure the code doesn’t ‘break’ at any stage of the rapid app development process.

HokuApps also features a Design Studio featuring a user interface and layout platform. Additionally, the Design Studio features hundreds of templates that are designed based on numerous industries and workflows.

To give business administrators absolute control over the custom mobile app, HokuApps provides a web backend console. Here, the administration can comprehend all information on the Dashboard, collected automatically. They can set parameters to encounter the traffic to the mobile application, view sales data, averages and more.

Digital transformation results in creating an environment that is driven by full-stack quality apps that are affordable and 100% custom. Contextually, rapid app development platforms like HokuApps make it easy for MSMEs to build custom mobile apps and stay ahead of the competition.


The difference between a desktop app and a mobile app is the space to maneuver. It isn’t straightforward to scale down a website to a mobile app. However, a low code app development platform can make it mobile-first by building a new app based on the website.

Besides, the app can be scaled in terms of functionality and storage as and when required. The platform’s RAD structure makes it easy to include functionality at a later stage.

On the storage front, good rapid app development platforms like HokuApps deploys custom mobile apps on Amazon AWS servers, which is the most secure storage platform there is. So, if a business wants to scale its data storage to meet its growing user requirements, this can be achieved safely and quickly.

Enterprise Mobile Applications - the New Normal

A 2018 survey informs us that 42% of small businesses in the US have a mobile app. It adds, “This is particularly true for small businesses that tend to have limited resources.”

To say the least, with rapid app development platforms like HokuApps, every MSME can build apps swiftly and without breaking the bank to streamline processes, increase customer outreach and create brand culture; a feat easier to achieve than in a desktop-driven market ecosystem.

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