Tips to Consider when Deciding on a Rigid Borescope Purchase

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Tips to consider when deciding to use or purchase a rigid borescope. Includes helpful information about borescope specifications

Tips to Consider when Deciding on a Rigid Borescope Purchase A rigid borescope is an instrument that is utilized to view into confined areas,Guest Posting hard to reach places where access is limited to a small opening.  The rigid borescope is comprised of a shaft that has an optic lens tip on one end and a place to view the image on the other end.  The rigid borescope is capable of magnifying images immensely so you will be able to get a close up view of what you want to look at.  A rigid borescope can be an investment of a few hundred dollars or more, so here are some tips and considerations for you to think about before you go buy one.Tip #1When deciding to acquire a rigid borescope you must look at what you will be using you borescope for.  To help you decide what you might use a rigid borescope for, take a moment to consider all the various applications where you could use one.  For instance if you needed to check for problems in the electrical wiring or water plumbing inside a wall, but really don’t want to tear the wall out to see what is in there.  You could use a rigid borescope to do this by drilling a hole and inserting the tip of the rigid borescope.  The rigid borescope would then present you the image of what is going on inside your wall.  With the use of rigid borescope you don’t need to do all that destructive demolition work to find your problem.If you are a mechanic, the rigid borescope is able to get into all those tight spaces around and under the engine of your car.  You don’t need to dismantle the surrounding engine components to get to the part you can’t reach.  Or, in case you have a toddler and unfortunately he drops your wife’s favorite earrings down the bathroom sink; you can use a rigid borescope to help you retrieve it.Tip #2Once you decide what you will be using a rigid borescope for then you can decide what kind you need.  You will need to decide how long your rigid borescope will need to be and whether or not you will require one that has an angle. A Rigid borescope comes in a variety of lengths beginning at eighteen inches.  You can also get a rigid borescope with different angles; including a right angle.Tip #3The resolution of the rigid borescope you purchase is very important.  If you do not have enough resolution the images will not be clear.  Resolution refers to the sharpness of an image and is determined by the number of pixels.  The higher number of pixels; the better your resolution will be.  It is recommended you have at least ten thousand pixels to get  decent image quality.Tip #4If purchasing a rigid borescope turns out to be too costly for your budget; you can always rent one to complete your task.  Some equipment rental dealers have rigid borescopes you can rent or lease for a day or longer if you need them.Rigid borescopes are a handy way to access hard to reach areas quickly and easily.  Use the above tips to make sure you are satisfied should you decide to purchase one.

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