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Today’s market data shows that the ic part W24M257AJ-15 now is on large demand,Guest Posting and there is a good news for China’s electronic components industry is that Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday, the State Council executive meeting had been hold on Wednesday to study the deployment of software and IC industries to encourage the development of policy initiatives, including the broadening financing channels for enterprises and the implementation of tax incentives. Wendsday’s meeting told us that the ic industry will see its another spring in 2011 by large support both on technology and finance from the government, in addtion it also serves as a helpful guidline for globle electronic components trader, which means china’s electronic component market will worth more attentions from world traders. However, what is the real face of such electronic products ? Here are detailed technique datas:


General descriptions of W24M257AJ-15

The transition from VIH to VID must be slower than tPHPHH. Ready/Busy Output (RB). The Ready/Busy pin is an open-drain output that can be used to identify when the memory array can be read. Ready/Busy is high-impedance during Read mode, Auto Select mode and Erase Suspend mode. After a Hardware Reset, Bus Read and Bus Write operations cannot begin until Ready/Busy becomes high-impedance. During Program or Erase operations Ready/Busy is Low, VOL. Ready/Busy will remain Low during Read/Reset commands or Hardware Resets until the memory is ready to enter Read mode. The use of an open-drain output allows the Ready/ Busy pins from several memories to be connected to a single pull-up resistor. A Low will then indicate that one, or more, of the memories is busy. Byte/Word Organization Select (BYTE). The Byte/ Word Organization Select pin is used to switch between the 8-bit and 16-bit Bus modes of the mem- ory. When Byte/Word Organization Select is Low, VIL, the memory is in 8-bit mode, when it is High, VIH, the memory is in 16-bit mode.


Features of W24M257AJ-15

2g, 6g and it is capable of measuring accelerations over a bandwidth of 1.5 KHz for all axes. The device bandwidth may be reduced by using external capacitances. A self-test capability allows to check the mechanical and electrical signal path of the sensor. The W24M257AJ-15 is available in plastic SMD pack- age and it is specified over an extended temperature range of -40C to +85C.



Generally, as for the applications, the W24M257AJ-15 belongs to a family of products suitable for a variety of applications: C Mobile terminals, C Gaming and Virtual Reality input devices, C Free-fall detection for data protection, C Antitheft systems and Inertial Navigation, C Appliance and Robotics.

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