Top Ten Myths About Stun Guns

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There are many myths about stun guns that are totally wrong. We debunk those myths here.

1/ You can cause a heart attack if you use a stun gun on someone.
A/ False. "The frequency and the shape of the pulses generated by stun guns are designed to incapacitate the target by electrically overwhelming his or her control of the skeletal  muscles,Guest Posting" according to a leading researcher. "In principle, these pulses are designed to act only on skeletal muscles and to not affect internal organs such as the heart." The evidence that stun guns do not stimulate the heart is based on "...theoretical studies [that] suggest that stun guns cannot deliver the amount of energy required to stimulate the heart or cause ventricular fibrillation."

2/ You will get shocked if you are touching the person that is receiving a jolt from a stun gun.
A/ Not true. The current passing through the attackers body will not transfer back to you.

3/ Stun guns are offensive weapons.
A/ Realistically, not true. Technically and legally, ANYTHING can be construed to be an offensive weapon. A 2’ X 4” piece of lumber if used to crack somebody over the head during an attack can be considered an offensive weapon. Stun guns are marketed and sold as personal protection devices.

4/ Stun guns are lethal.
A/ Not true. Stun guns send voltages ranging from 200,000 to 1,000,000 volts into an attacker. This is more than enough voltage to go through a jacket or thick clothing. However, only 3 milliamps are used which is why there are no long term harmful effects. Remember the old electrician’s saying, “It’s not the volts that will kill you, it’s the amps”.

5/ Stun guns are illegal.
A/ Not entirely true. In the United States the majority of States and municipalities permit owning a stun gun. There are a few states and jurisdictions where they are considered illegal. Check your local laws before you buy a stun gun.

6/ It is difficult to use a stun gun.
A/ Phooey! So untrue. Stun guns are designed to be safe and easy to use. They do not require a great deal of practice or training. It is wise to make sure you have it readily available at all times in a high risk situation.

7/ Stun guns are big and bulky.
A/ Not so. Maybe 10 years or so ago that might have been true, but not anymore. Stun guns are small, easy to fit in the palm of your hand and some are disguised as cell phones!

8/ Stun guns really can’t stop someone.
A/ Not true. Stun guns will have a serious effect in stopping an attacker. What usually happens if the attacker is not affected is that the stun gun was not activated long enough. A 3 to 5 second jolt from a 1,000,000volt stun gun will stop most any attacker.

9/ Stun guns are hard to buy.
A/ They use to be, but no more. Stun guns are readily available in most gun stores, ammunition stores and on personal protection product websites on the internet.

10/ David Letterman has a stun gun.
A/  We do not know if this is true but any “Top Ten List” HAS to include David Letterman!

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