Unique functions of nano collagen oligopeptide

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Recent science studies have shown that OCO is the era darling of cosmetics, biomedicine, health products, functional food, cosmetic and beverage areas. So, what is the OCO?

Nanometer active oligopeptide collagen,Guest Posting it is called as nano collagen in short. It is the small molecule fragments of collagen. It is composed of dipeptide (two amino acids by the condensation of peptides as two peptides), three peptides or seven peptides with bioactive nano-small molecule mixed oligopeptide. OCO's basic features, one small molecular weight average molecular weight of only 500 daltons; second, nano-bio-molecules, the molecular length of only a few nanometers glutathione, the molecular diameter of less than 1 nm short-chain nano-structured state; third collagen activity, with the biological activity of collagen. OCO has the characteristics of collagen amino acids: glycine 25-30%, proline12%, hdroxyproline10%, alanine11%, from the hydroxylysine 0.5%. It is the lives of material security.

OCO nano activity, biological activity and effective collagen skin permeability is its superior collagen, hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptides, and amino acids of the basic features. OCO is a natural collagen raw materials (animal skin, bone), through high-tech directional shear technology, chemical and biological processes be extracted through the green, with a low molecular weight, highly biologically active fragments of collagen molecules, the molecular weight of about 100 to 1000, the peptide chain length of about ten nanometers, collagen peptide molecule is one-tenth of one thousandth of collagen molecules.

OCO has a highly absorbent, do not have to go through the gastrointestinal, liver, digestion, greatly reducing the gastrointestinal, liver burden, greatly enhance the bioavailability; can directly participate in enzymes, hormones, the synthesis of proteins needed by the body without having to break down into amino acids and then play a role, its participation in collagen synthesis speed faster.

OCO has significant skin permeability of the inner layer of the skin in depth - the dermis and subcutaneous follicle which play the role of biological activity, which is the normal collagen and collagen peptides or polypeptides are elusive. OCO has significant biological activity, promoting fibroblast cells, epithelial cells to form, making antibodies, enhance immunity, and many of its physiological activity of amino acids, peptides, proteins do not have. OCO generation, collagen nutrition is a breakthrough. Its outstanding performance and application results far more than the collagen peptide or peptides.

Molecular weight peptides do not affect the size of the original function as a protein, but it can affect its biological activity. In other words, small molecular weight oligopeptide peptide can be higher than the permeability of the skin more easily absorbed by human skin, and because the small molecular weight to a certain extent (such as 600 or less, biological minoxidil activity on a qualitative leap, for example, beauty products for the peptide, the peptide products of the molecules through the skin, the stratum corneum of the few, but the oligopeptide product molecules through the skin, the stratum corneum can not, you can all penetrate into the dermal layer of the human body and play a few body the same peptide in the skin tissue repair and reconstruction functions.

As the molecular weight is smaller, a higher level of activity, oligopeptide as a pinnacle of peptide research. The smaller molecular weight peptides, amino acid chain, the shorter, more easily absorbed and utilized. And small peptides (less than 9 amino acids in particular oligopeptide) enjoy peptide crown of the name --- because it has a very strong activity and diversity in the human body has played an important biological functions, is not available peptides.

Comparing with the polypeptide product's feature, the oligopeptide has three advantages: First, small molecular weight. The average molecular weight is only 500 daltons. Second, the nano-bio-molecules. The molecular length is only a few nanometers and the molecular diameter is less than 1 nm short-chain-state nanostructures. Third, the activity of collagen. It has collagen's biological activity.


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