The further development of biopharmaceutical should integrate with five new technologies

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In recent years, rapid development and application of high-tech brings a series of revolutionary changes for pharmaceutical research and production. The traditional ideas and techniques have been difficult to meet the needs of enterprises. High-tech has become a conventional mean for daily scientific research and production.

In the drug molecular design and molecular structure optimization,Guest Posting applying of computer molecular modeling and theoretical chemistry, and then using computer-aided drug design methods to design a new high efficiency, low toxicity and drug molecules, it greatly improved the speed of plant extracts research and success rate. The active chemical components of the discovery process, the application of computer-aided screening of new technology, known structural analog technology, three-dimensional structure and docking technology, energy calculation of molecular weight, molecular interaction prediction and other means to find effective combination with the specific drug targets The molecular structure as the object of study, and greatly improve the relevance of the research work.

With the research progress of the human genome, bio-chip technology in various fields has gradually become possible. Existing biochips include gene chips, protein chips, cell chips, tissue microarray, and a variety of other biological material, information chip. The bio-chip is mainly used in the analysis of the disease and basic research, as this technology continues to mature, must have a broad application prospects in the study of gene-based drug, disease prevention and treatment.

Combinatorial chemistry is the use of appropriate chemical methods, to join different groups, under the same conditions to produce large amounts of new compounds on the specific molecular nucleus. The development of combinatorial chemistry technology for drug discovery, large numbers of compounds to expand the scope of drug discovery, improves the likelihood of success.

The application of nanotechnology in the biomedical aspects can be summarized as follows: nano-drug carrier, biological, genetic engineering, technical correction. Nano-drug delivery system most widely used in medical research, technology and clinical application is more mature. Nanotechnology will both drug carriers made of biodegradable and biocompatible polymer and micro-devices for the treatment of disease, diagnosis, and tissue repair, artificial organs to bring about a new breakthrough. Nanomaterials or nano-magnetic technology as a carrier of the targeted pharmaceutical preparations has become a reality in the treatment of cancer. The application of nanotechnology in the assembly of biological macromolecules so that we can change the cell surface layer protein lattice, in disease diagnosis, vaccines, bionics and molecular biology techniques have significant value.

Drug discovery is the basis of pharmaceutical raw materials research. Drug screening is the pharmacology and physiology valuation for a substances using as a drug and then finds the drugs. Increase the speed and scale of screening is the premise to improve the drug discovery of quantity and quality. High-throughput screening technology combined with the development of molecular pharmacology, molecular biology, cell biology, human genomics and molecular pathology, the level of the application of molecular and cellular level research methods to explore the role of drugs, an increase of the means of drug screening, so that we can not rely entirely on animal experiments to evaluate the drug. The sample volume and the experimental system are greatly reduced. At the same time, there is large-scale drug screening.Source:

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