What are Electronic Components, Electronic Devices & Electronic Equipments?

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Introduce the basis definitions of electronic components, electronic devices and electronic equipments to you.

Electronic components,Guest Posting electronic devices and electronic equipments are often used in the factories. But what are really of them?

1)      Electronic components, which production and processing in the factory that does not change the molecular composition of the finished product. Such as resistors, capacitors, inductors. Because it itself does not produce electronics, its voltage, current, and transform the role of uncontrolled, so called passive components. According to classification criteria, electronic components can be divided into 11 categories.

2)      Electronic devices, what refer to the production and processing in the factory changed the molecular structure of the finished product. For example, transistors, vacuum tubes, integrated circuits. Because it can produce its electronics, voltage, current controlled, changing the role of (amplification, switching, rectifier, detector, oscillator and modulation, etc.), so called active devices. According to classification criteria, electronic devices can be divided into 12 categories, can be summarized as vacuum electronic devices and semiconductor devices are two pieces.

3)      Electronic equipments, what refer to the detection, analysis and test electronic product performance, quality, safety devices. Can be roughly summarized as electronic measuring instruments, electronic instruments and application of three large pieces of equipment, there are optical electronic equipment, electronic components, measuring instruments, analytical instruments and other 24 kinds of dynamic fine classification.

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