What to Look for in a TV for the Kitchen

May 3


Craig Thornburrow

Craig Thornburrow

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Many people choose to have a TV in the kitchen for a number of reasons; here are some of the things that you should be looking for when buying one.


Having a TV for the kitchen is not that unheard of,What to Look for in a TV for the Kitchen Articles many people do it these days for a number of reasons. Some people like to have the set in there so that they can keep up with the news and weather as they get ready for work or school. Some like to have a television in the kitchen so that they can watch cooking programs, especially if they are trying their hand at a tricky new type of recipe or trying to master a new cooking technique. What kind of TV set you need for your kitchen might depend on the size of the room, the available space you have and of course your actual needs.

The Right Size TV Set in Your Kitchen

Size is one of the most important considerations. You do not want to give up precious counter space to your television set especially in a smaller kitchen where that space is already at a premium. For most people, a nineteen inch television is a good size. However with the low profile, flat screen models a larger screen can be more achievable. If you are concerned that your TV will not fit, measure out the spot that you would like place the set in and then go from there. Another option, which does not require any space at all, is to use an under the counter mounted television set. Flat screens can also be mounted directly to the wall, making sure that they are not being mounted above sinks or any other sources of water.

Other Features to Look For

Another consideration to keep in mind is whether or not you actually need more features. For instance, do you need to have a TV that has a DVD player built in? If you are learning new cooking techniques then you are likely to have cooking lessons on disc that you want to follow along with. Again, a built in DVD player in a wall mounted or counter installed television eliminates the loss of counter space in your kitchen and keeps the kitchen looking much less cluttered.

Unusual Options

In addition to the more common models and options, there are some that are a little more unique. There are televisions that mount directly in the appliances giving the kitchen a futuristic almost spacey appearance. You can also use one that is mounted inside of a cabinet, allowing it to be out of the way when it is not in use or during parties when you are trying to encourage people to mingle and chat rather than watching the TV for the kitchen.