Why choose Netspend direct deposit?

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With fast, safe, and hassle-free services, Netspend has proved as the best alternative to the traditional banks. Netspend lets verified users to get paid early with direct deposit service. Anyone who uses a Netspend debit card can set up a Netspend direct deposit and say goodbye to all troubles that come with using traditional banks. Netspend direct deposit supports a broad range of payments such as tax refund, stimulus checks, pensions, monthly salaries deposit, SSI, RRB, and DFAS, and so on and its totally free of charge.

What is Netspend bank name and address for direct deposit? This is the only question Netspend users asked us before setting up their direct deposit. There is more than one bank which is associated with Netspend. First is The Bancorp Bank,Guest Posting second is Bofi Federal Bank, and third is MetaBank. Now next question is which bank name you need to enter to enable direct deposit service on Netspend? Here is a simple answer. Just check out the back side of your card. You will find the exact name of the bank whose card you are using. Remember that Netspend bank name and address are important to mention in the direct deposit form. Netspend direct deposit time largely depends upon the payment issuer. As soon as your payment issues release the payment, Netspend takes 2 days to further process the payment and make it visible to your Netspend account.

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