Visitor Management Systems: A Boon From The Blue

Jan 5




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This Article explains about the new technology that helps in customer management and storing data using cloud computing technology.



In times when security has become a matter of life and death,Visitor Management Systems: A Boon From The Blue Articles it is indeed troublesome to keep a check on your visitors without offending them or making them feel awkward. This becomes all the more important when you are an organization with numerous visitors walking in and out of your gates every day.

Multinational companies, BPO s KPO s and the likes have to deal with a lot of visitors every day. Be it walk in candidates, vendors, security personnel or the already working staff, there are many people coming and leaving the company premises day in and day out. At such times, keeping a watch on every person and their peripherals with the help of surveillance systems does not prove to be much helpful. Apart from capturing the visuals and the timings, these systems do not provide much information. This demanded a need for a system much more advanced and has finally found a solution in the form of Visitor Management System.

Trending in the services that are being designed nowadays, Visitor Management Softwareand Visitor Management Kiosk are something that is being heard of more often. Such systems offer a variety of upgraded features that are in sync with the latest technologies and provide an air of ease for the users. To be able to appreciate and bask in the usefulness of such technologies, it is firstly important for us to understand well what these systems are and what they do.

Visitor Management Systems are complete integrated solutions that offer services to capture and store visitor’s data in a way that is easily retractable and much easy to store. There are numerous features integrated in one visitor management software such as capturing pictures, generating visitor badges, keeping track of entry and exit time and integrating all this data in a format that can be easily exported to simple computer programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Installing such software’s and kiosk in your office enhances visitor management and also frees the security staff from maintaining tedious records in registers. One also gets the options of selecting specified visitors, accepting or rejecting visitors, and accepting invites from visitors. Also an admin can be assigned for the system who can create invites and reject visitors as per instructions.

For people who are one time visitors, the system comes with a feature of single entry badge which creates a unique id in the system. Other details such as contact details, email id, phone number, company, etc. are to be filled in by the controlling admin. The Visitor Management systems are also useful where there are regular visitors such as contractual employees, vendors, and other support staff. There are options of multi entry badges which can be generated once and later used to punch entry time and exit time. Through such specific systems, it is very easy to retract data such as number of visits by a particular visitor, number of visitors for a particular person in a day or over a specific period of time, etc.

Thus it has turned out to be a boon from the blue which has made visitor management easier, secured as well as a hassle free in the busy little world.