5 Tips on Renting A Camper Van For Your Overland Adventure

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Rental vans allow customers to go on a tour without worrying about their accommodations. 

Touring the United States on a camper van can be an exciting experience. You get to choose where,Guest Posting when, and how long your trip will be. With a camper van, you don’t have to worry about booking flights or finding hotel accommodations. You travel on the road and have a stopover when you want to take a little nap.

But adventure rental can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips on how to make choosing a camper van less stressful for you.

Number of passengers

Before you go, determine the number of people who will join for the trip. You would want to make sure that there is enough room for both seating and sleeping for everyone during the trip. If you are traveling with a larger group, look for a campervan that can seat and sleep the number of travelers in your party.

Some rental companies provide sleeping areas inside the van or on the roof. If the camper van you are renting does not offer extra sleeping area, consider bringing or renting a ground tent. If there are more than 2 people in your group, make sleeping arrangements before the trip.

Traveling Distance

Many camper van rentals have mileage restrictions while others offer unlimited mileage. Before looking for a camper van, plan out the length of your trip and determine whether you would opt for unlimited campervan rental or you’re okay with the mileage limits.

Some camper van rental companies allow travelers to exceed the mileage limit for an additional fee. If you’re okay with that, check how much the additional mileage will cost to avoid when you return your rental. If you already know that you will exceed the mileage limit, check if there is a discounted package.

Gear & Equipment Included

Gear and equipment offerings will vary from one provider to another. However, some companies will include all the essentials for your trip, free of charge. It may include cookware, bedding, and camping equipment. There are full-service packages that may include extra goodies such as headlamps, propane, a deck of cards, and condiments.

There are some rental companies that offer cheap nightly rates but charge gear separately. This option may keep the base rate low but the additional gear can quickly add up.

Age of Rental Fleet

The age of the camper van may not be the first thing on your mind but it can be critical when it comes to safety and comfort. A rule of thumb is the newer the fleet, the better. A newer fleet is less likely to make you worried on the road. Also, newer vans will likely come with modern-day conveniences like back-up camera, AC, GPS, and others.

Height of the Camper Van

Most camper vans are classified as Class B RV’s between 17 to 19 feet long. The length may not be as critical as the height of the inner cabin. Low roof camper vans may be easier to park and drive but will not allow you to stand up inside. If being able to stretch out and stand inside the van is a major concern for you, choose a camper van with a high roof. 


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