6 Essential Tips For Everest Base Camp Trekkers

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Planning a trek to the Everest base camp? Well, you have the right decision and you might have collected some information. Here you can see some important things that no one might have told you so read this and plan your trek well.

Everest based camp is one of the best destinations for trekking as well as for entertainment also. It is a little bit difficult without knowing the information so that you should be very careful and well prepare for that place. You should take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla by accusing the Sagarmatha National Park. It takes 12 days to reach the World Highest Mouth Everest after walking for 7 days. Although this is one way to reach if you want another way then,Guest Posting you will go from Jiri and Salleri with driving.  

Everest base camp trek is the best idea to enjoy your holiday as well. Spring season is the best season for trekking because the climate is so good so, that most of the visitors visit here to see the varieties of the mountain of our country. Our county is full of natural beauty which is the gift of God. You can overlook the snowfall, landscape, wildlife, different types of mountains etc.

You can also know the facility of accommodation, internet service, clothing, difficulties etc. that you have to face at the Everest based camp.


Climbing towards the mountains is not only good things. First of all, you have to be safe at any time of the difficulty. Due to the high altitude, there should be many problems so, that you must be careful. The main problem is that when visitors take the picture at that time they can't think about the place whether that is risky or not. While taking a photo or moving from one point to another, you must be careful about the place. You can find the group of animals such as yak, Mule and Jopke are carrying the loads. If you are taking the photo of animals at that time you need to be care full about the animals because they should attract you so that you should be at a safe place. Not only the visitors there should be some animals carry the heavy load so that there might be stone falling from above.


Sagarmatha National Park is one of the natural world heritages. Everest based camp goes through the Sagarmatha National Park so that there should be different kinds of wild animals. While walking you can see them very closely at that time you aren't allowed disturb them because they can be a danger for us. You can also see the Kongma (Tibetan snowcock) which is very much famous as holy of this region. Kongma is very special in our country so that we can’t kill them if we kill them then we must die.


It is a cold region, mainly there is snowfall and there is some glacial lakes and rocky water so that you are not allowed to swim in the river or lake. If you swim here then the freezing water should not adjust to your body which creates sickness or may lose our life.


You have to know that, Everest region is a Buddhist land so you can see the prayer flag, Stupa, Mani wall etc. Although we are a different culture you should respect other cultures also. There is one Buddhist monastery while entering inside you have to wear long sleeves and you aren’t allowed to take photos.


In the mountain region, people can’t kill animals because they are Buddhist. The meat is available but that meat is not good for our body. There are problem food facilities because transportation is a little bit difficult so that the food will bring with a flight. That way, you can’t waste food.


To finish the Everest camp trek it takes 12 days so that you must take rest during the walk. Altitude sickness is one of the critical situations in the Himalayan region. Due to the high altitude, many people have faced a breathing problem so that you must be careful about it. To avoid the altitude sickness, you must be eating hygienic food, drink clean water, proper rest, keep warm and well sleep. If you feel tired while sleeping, vomiting, headache, difficulty in breathing then, it is the symptom of altitude sickness. At that time you must be concerned with the leader of the group. And you should take a rest in the same place but if you decide to climb upward then you should walk with your friends or leader.

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Everest base camp trek is good to do in autumn and spring. though, the beginning of September and the end of May should be some rainy days. So, try it in October and November in autumn also March and April in spring. You can do this during the winter but it will be freezing cold. But monsoon is not good to trek. You can book your trek with a 

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