A Weekend in Bulawayo

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This article shall describe a couple of activities that guests can enjoy if they are ever in Bulawayo for the weekend.

Bulawayo is the second biggest city in Zimbabwe.  It is a beautiful city with a population of roughly one million people.  People visit Zimbabwe from all over the world.  The country attracts tourists because of the abundant wildlife.  Zimbabwe is one of the few countries in the world where guests can experience an authentic African safari holiday.  Guests visit this special country to see the Big Five.  The Big Five consist of the African elephant,Guest Posting the African lion, the Cape buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros.  This is one of the few places on earth where people get to see such magnificent animals in their natural environment instead of being caged up in a zoo.  When guests visit Zimbabwe, Bulawayo is often the city that they enter the country from.  This article shall describe a couple of activities that guests can enjoy if they are ever in Bulawayo for the weekend. 

The main activity that guests enjoy when they visit Bulawayo is going on a game drive. Guests are picked up from their hotel and driven out of the city. Roughly one hundred kilometers away is Hwange National Park. Guests can enjoy memorable safari experiences here. During a game drive there is a very large chance that guests may see something unique and special unfolding within nature. many guests look forward to seeing a kill. It is always fascinating to see a lion, for example, hunting and catching its prey. There is no limit to the different amazing things that one can see within nature 

The second activity that guests enjoy is rhino tracking. When guests visit Bulawayo, they often leave the city and drive to Matopos Hills. This area has a healthy rhino population. The rhinos in this national park are protected by the Zimbabwe military. The rhinos here flourish under the watchful eye of their protectors. Guests get to track the rhinos together with an expert guide. The rhinos can be rather difficult to find and elusive even though they are very large animals. it is very satisfying to hike a long distance for many hours in the bush to finally find and observe this magnificent animal. 

The third activity that people enjoy when they visit Bulawayo is to go on a dinner cruise. Visitors to Bulawayo can go on a cruise along the Zambezi River. This is one of the largest rivers in Africa. What makes the Zambezi a unique and special river is the diverse wildlife that lives within the river and along the banks of the river. Guests can have a very good time viewing and observing animals such as lions and elephants as they drink from the banks of the river. While guests are viewing the abundant wildlife, they are also served a three-course meal and beverages of their choice. 

In conclusion, Zimbabwe is a beautiful country to visit. Guests are sure to enjoy being in this unique part of Africa. If one is ever in Bulawayo for the weekend, they will be able to enjoy different activities. First one would have to look for accommodation in Bulawayo before getting ready to enjoy some memorable activities. It is recommended that guests go on a game drive, go rhino tracking and finally go on a dinner cruise.  Visitors are sure to see plenty of diverse wildlife while they enjoy their holiday in this splendid country 

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