Best places for sightseeing in Sydney

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Sydney’s most favourite sightseeing activities—from boarding a luxury Sydney Harbour lunch cruise to enjoying a day trip to the mountains, beach or the wild forests—are truly the best of what you can ever ask for!

Sydney,Guest Posting with its renowned natural harbour and beautiful beaches, is one of the most rewarding places to go sightseeing. It is estimated that around 16.1 million tourists visit Sydney every year and return with a heart wanting more of this picturesque city. From cruising along Sydney’s calm, azure waters on a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise to taking the bus to Sydney’s prime sightseeing locations, the metro offers irresistible options for a visitor in Sydney. Let’s look into some of Sydney’s favourite sightseeing tours. 

One of the most hankered-after sightseeing activities among the tourists and locals alike  in Sydney is getting on board a fancy lunch cruise in Sydney. A dream destination for most of the backpackers across the world, Sydney Harbour offers scintillating views of two world-famous structures—Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise elegantly sails past these structures, allowing the guests to view them up close while feasting on a delicious lunch. A priceless experience isn’t it? You can board a lunch cruise in Sydney as a perfect start or end to your sojourn in this magnificent coastal city. 

Behind Sydney’s metropolitan facade lies a vast unexplored world of pristine beaches, rugged mountains and untamed forests. So that’s to say, whether you’re a beach person or a mountain person, Sydney won’t disappoint you. The Blue Mountains situated at Glenbrook is just an hour’s drive from Sydney and people usually head to the site for a whiff of fresh air and a cool day on the mountains. There are many countless Blue Mountain tours starting from Sydney which include adventure rides, trekking tours and more. The blue haze horizons at this prime destination is a photogenic sight which will take your breath away. 

Now for all the beach babies out there, Sydney has well over 100 beaches to quench your obsession with sun, surf and sand. The Manly Beach and the Bondi Beach are two of the most famous beaches in Sydney and if you’re craving for a unique day on the beach, head to any one of these picturesque beaches. Most of the beaches offer exciting water-based activities such as snorkelling, paragliding and more and count that as a chance to make your best beach memories. 

If you do a Google search for the most popular Sydney-based itineraries, you’d surely find a walking tour to a rainforest tucked in there. Sydney is home to some truly-spellbinding rainforest walks. The Grand Canyon Track near Blackheath in Sydney is an exquisite mountain track that is a part of the Blue Mountains where you can explore deep caverns that spiral down the waterfalls and perhaps study the variety of ferns and plants that grow here. 

Although these may not be all about touring in Sydney, surely you would now know how to appreciate the city’s serendipitous precincts. So if you’re in Sydney now, or planning to visit Sydney in near future, you’re in for a treat and a great experience of a lifetime. Enjoy!

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