Chandigarh, a major commerce city and a fun holiday destination

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Chandigarh is the hub of commerce in north-west India. It is a beautiful-modern city that is brimming with every aspect of modernization. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent holiday destination where one can spend a memorable holiday.


The modern city of Chandigarh is one significant part of India. It is a beautiful city that is considered perfect for start-up a business,Guest Posting though there already exist number of companies and industries in the city. It is also one of the best cities in India to live as it is clean, has low pollution level, excellent living standards, good local transportation facilities, and the pleasures of modernization. The city is situated in the northwest region of India and is a union territory which comes under the direct governance of the central government. Two significant states, namely Punjab and Haryana surround the city and also have great influences on the city. Going into details, the city serves as the joint capital of both states.

Businesses and work are the city's magnets that primarily attract people from all across India towards Chandigarh. The city is patched with number of sleek office buildings and corporate houses. The modern glamour of the city are the attributes that immediately grab the attention. The city, since its establishment has been a major centre of modernization, and has been portrayed as one of the most modern cities in India. The city is different from many of the cities in the country in several aspects. It is the most cleanest city across India, the crime level is quite low here, and like mentioned above it is the city that serves as the capital of two states.

When describing how the city is different from rest of cities in the country, the unique layout of the city is a must mention. The city resembles to many of the European cities; feeling nothing like any of the modern cities in India. The city looks beautiful and has been given the epithet of "the city beautiful"; it is well planned, every part of the city is placed at the right spot, there are unique buildings and monuments, and the trees as well as the plants are given equal importance as there is the importance of the concrete structures.

On the tourism front, Chandigarh is an opportunity to relish the best of man-made marvels, admire the serenity of nature, be a part of happy-jovial lifestyle, and spend a memorable holiday. One thing that is certain about the tour of the city is that there is no dearth of tourist attractions. The list of sightseeing is long in Chandigarh, of which many are the results of men's creativity, hard-work, and zeal to do something new.

While one explores the attractions of the city, a place that is simply not miss is the Chatt Bir Zoo. It is a zoological park that is located roughly 17 km from the heart of the city. The place is one of the major highlights of the city and is easily accessible. There are number of taxis, cabs, and even auto-rickshaws available to the zoological park. Besides, there are some good hotels in Chandigarh with price suiting budget traveller's wallet, that offer pick and drop services to the site.

The park is also a tiger reserve that has helped to sustain and increase the number of tigers in India, which once were on the verge of extinction. Today, the Royal Bengal Tigers are the major attractions of the park. Jungle safaris are organized daily, taking the enthusiasts to deep inside the jungle where the animals roam freely. The park is home to a large and diverse species of animals, including the Asiatic Lion. Plus, the bird-watchers are going to have a good time here as the park is visited by several bird species.

Simply put, Chandigarh is an interesting city where live adventure, fun, and learning in every nook and corner of it. It is a fine destination for holidaying as it is replete of tourist attractions and allures. Plus, for the content accommodation there exist a rather long Chandigarh hotels list consisting of some of the best hotels in India.


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