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A new form of surfing and a hot new trend in water sports, SUP or stand up paddle boarding is great way to enjoy a full body workout and appreciate the best of our rivers, lakes and waterways.

Lake paddle boarding is an ideal way for beginners to get their feet wet as it is performed in the calmest environments,Guest Posting which is also a great chance to get up close and personal with exotic wildlife. Compared to surfing, paddle boarding is fairly easy to learn but be prepared to fall in the first few instances or until you maintain your balance on the board.

From a social perspective, lake paddle boarding is a great way to glide along the calm currents while spending quality time with friends and family. This rather green sport requires no motor to propel the board, just a board and a paddle. Paddle boards are available in a number of sizes and it is important to choose one to suit your needs. Shorter boards are easier to paddle in the ocean as they are lighter and easier to maneuver. Ocean waters are unpredictable and the waves can get choppy and shorter paddle boards help improve overall stability. Stability fins can be added to the outer shell of these boards, which makes them ideal for surfing.

Longer boards are the best fit for lake paddle boarding since they provide more glide with each stroke, and cover more distance in a short amount of time. The two aspects that will help you get the perfect board are your skill level and weight. For beginners, longer paddle boards are a best fit as they help you improve and maintain stability in the water. There are a number of spots for paddle boarding and listed below are a few to explore.

The Glen Canyon in Lake Powell Arizona provides a range of sandy beaches and is ideal if you’re looking for an exhilarating paddle boarding experience around slim dots and tight corners.

New Buffalo is a 90 minute drive from Chicago and is an ultimate spot for camping and paddle boarding. There is a plethora of boarding choices when lake paddle boarding from rentals for the budget travelers to expansive lakefront properties for the discerning tourists. Most of these locations offer private lessons and the essential equipment for paddle boarding at low rates. Lake of the Isles, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Nokomis, Lake Calhoun, Lake Winnebago, Lake Harriet, Wayzata Bay, Cedar Lake and Grays Bay are excellent locations for lake paddle boarding for beginners or simply those who want to experience a calm outdoor experience.

Paddle boarding is great activity no matter what destination or ambience you choose, and is one of the fastest growing water sports today. 

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