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Embark on Estonia Holidays and indulge in remarkable sightseeing and watch some of the finest places around the city

The fairy tale country is indeed a best-kept secret in Europe. Estonia Holidays is a splendid world with a long stretch of the verdant landscape. The end of the communist-era has brought in plenty of progress and also the country is known for the highest startups. The entrepreneurship is indeed remarkable in this part of the world. It is the birthplace of Skype.  Indeed,Guest Posting the country boasts of the highest internet connectivity in the world where every area including forests and schools is connected to the internet. Meandering around the country is simple and free. The transport is free in the capital city of Tallinn.

Apart from its emancipation from Iron fist Soviet Union and technological advancement, Estonia has a fascinating medieval site and splendid seacoast. The lush green national parks and also Baltic Sea add to the charm. Undoubtedly, Estonia is an underrated gem in Europe.

Soomaa National Park

Hire a Canoe and sail through the rivers that meander around the National Park. It becomes easier to spot exotic wild animals such as beavers, elk, deer, boars, and golden eagles. The biodiversity is mesmerizing.

Rakvere Castle

Visit this gem on Cheap Holidays to Estonia and explore the 1500-year-old city. More than a medieval castle it is a spectacular medieval theme park. One can spot knights, Alchemist and also wine cellars around this place. Visit the region and go back in time. Relish the Medieval dishes after touring the castle.


Explore the stunning island of Saaremaa. The wonder in the Baltic Sea is worth exploring. Discover the splendid 8000-year-old history and also the castles. The island had been under tremendous conflict for ages. It had been ruled by the Viking Danes, Russian, Swedes, and Germans. Browse through the regional museum and discover the rich history. Indulge in sightseeing, bird watching. Melt into the woods and embark on a hiking tour.


It is a major city with innumerable attractions. The classical medieval city is loaded with historical sightseeing and religious structures. The most ironic side of the city is the number of religious sites. Estonia is a highly non-religious country and Tallinn with several Churches is indeed an aberration. Nevertheless, the Estonians take pride in it and consider the sacred places to be a part of tradition and culture.  

Explore the city wall and the myriad attractions on Estonia Holidays. The major sightseeing includes Hellemann Tower, Maiden's Tower, Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum), and the Danish King's Garden.

The number of exotic religious sites includes Holy Spirit Church, St. Olav's Church, St. Nicholas' (Niguliste) Church, and St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Head towards the Toompea Hill and discover some of the iconic sites like Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin.


Discover the intellectual hub of Estonia. Tartu is also a great place for entrepreneur capitalist. There are several startups around this city. The city is known for its university and the spirit of innovation had always been around. Amble across the 18th-century buildings and watch the remarkable architecture. Head towards the soup neighborhood where there are various street named after soup ingredients. Indulge in remarkable sightseeing around this gorgeous city. Savor the charm in this wonderful place.

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