Exclusive Holiday Rentals Costa Blanca: Spend a Time in Moraira

Jun 11


Luke Wildman

Luke Wildman

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Moraira guarantees you some of the best experiences for holiday rentals Costa Blanca. Look at the reasons behind why you should not overlook this place.


Benidorm,Exclusive Holiday Rentals Costa Blanca: Spend a Time in Moraira Articles Altea, Torrevieja and Javea – what do these four places have in common? Well, they are just some of the venues for the greatest holiday rentals Costa Blanca. But Moraira is excluded in the list of options. Well, this is because this place is often overlooked when it comes to considering a great time in this coastal area in Alicante, Spain. Now, see at the exclusive holiday rentals Costa Blanca as offered by Moraira.

Moraira is actually situated near the resorts of Benidorm, Calpe and Javea. Looking at the map of Costa Blanca, you will see that this exclusive town is sandwiched in between that of Calpe and Javea whilst it is 40 kilometres south of Benidorm. Being sandwiched in between these spectacular areas, it is with no doubt that Moraira can really be overlooked by UK tourists at some points. But now, try to see why Moraira is said to offer exclusive holiday rentals Costa Blanca.

More about exclusive holiday rentals Costa Blanca in Moraira

The word exclusive is synonymous to the terms elite, special, private. Amongst these three terms, it is best to think that holiday rentals Costa Blanca in Moraira is considered exclusive because it offers a private time as well as a list of specialised services. Here are some details about Moraira:

  1. Since it is an exclusive place that is found between Calpe, Javea and Benidorm, expect that there are only a few individuals who are spending holidays in this side of Costa Blanca. So if you want to spend for holiday rentals Costa Blanca with the idea of getting a glimpse of large resorts and a number of villas overlooking the spectacular seas less the noise that other areas offer, Moraira is yet one of the best spots to consider.
  2. From Moraira, you will also be led to some of the best tourist spots in the area. Since it is exclusive, you will also have a look at El Portet. This one is known as an exclusive cove that is only reachable once you get to Moraira. It will also take you to a family beach where you may enjoy a variety of water sports. Just around this exclusive town, you will have access to the park and the island's castle.
  3. If you want to rub elbows with strangers and have a taste of entertainment offered by the place, you have to book for Moraira holiday rentals Costa Blanca before the Moors and Christian festival will be spent. This holiday offers a different kind of entertainment that will help you appreciate Spain even more. The festival ends with the celebration of the so-called Moraira Music Festival. But of course, the highlight of this event is the staging of the historical conflict of the Moors and Christians in the country.

Having known all about these exclusive events, places and holiday rentals Costa Blanca that Moraira is willing to offer, will you still exclude it in your list to spending a time in the place? Well, never think twice of going to this ideal tourist spot. You should feel blessed that you have such options for spending exclusive holiday rentals Costa Blanca.