Golden BC Canada, The Outdoor Sportsman's Paradise

Jul 30


Margot B

Margot B

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Golden is a village of 10,000 ... situated in the ... of ... Columbia and Kicking Horse rivers in a long deep valley ... Rocky and Purcell Mountain ranges in eastern BC, at


Golden is a village of 10,000 population situated in the confluence of the
British Columbia and Kicking Horse rivers in a long deep valley between
the Rocky and Purcell Mountain ranges in eastern BC,Golden BC Canada, The Outdoor Sportsman's Paradise Articles at an elevation of
790 m [2591 ft] located at the heart of six mountainous national parks:
Yoho, Banff, Jasper, Kootenay Glacier and Mount Revelstoke. Yoho
National Park, the 'adopted' park of the community, is a half-hour drive
east of Golden. From May to September mountain biking, hang/paragliding, bungee jumping,
and snowboarding are popular, and of course skiing during the winter.

Winter Activities:
Tobogganing, skating, or Nordic skiing through rolling windy trails
through woods. Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Heli-Skiing, Cat Skiing,
Snow mobiling, Dog Sledding, and Ice Climbing from mid-November to
the End of March.

Summer Activities:
Pilots from all over the world flock to the Mount 7 flying site to paraglide
and hang-glide. Horseback Riding, hiking, mountain biking, golfing,
fishing, and air tours. World class white water rafting, ATVing,
motocross, and rock climbing attract international thrill seekers.
Bird and wildlife viewing, slow floats, wetland scenic forest tours.

Boating and angling are common activities at recreation sites. Most
sites allow car top boat launching only. That means you can hand-launch
only canoes, kayaks and boats small enough to be carried on top of
your car. Trailered boats can be launched safely and conveniently from
those sites with ramp facilities. In most cases, the ramps are suitable
only for small and medium-sized boats.

A plane or helicopter ride will show you the Selkirk, Purcell and
Rocky Mountain ranges and their glaciers. You can even land on a
glacier for a closer look. Air tours are available year-round.

For local history there's the Golden Museum where you can learn about
the important role that Swiss Mountain Guides played in the birth of
Canadian mountaineering traditions. Or at Ray's Antique & Collectable
Museum you can browse through some old farm equipment and antique
tools. Take a guided hike way, way back [some 515 million years]
and visit the fossils of the renowned Yoho Burgess Shale or, if art is
your scene, there are many local art shops.

Cruise the numerous small mountain roads. Tour season is [weather
permitting] from May to October.

Bird / Wildlife Watching:
The Rocky Mountain Trench is a major migratory path, and a
great diversity of birds also settles in the Columbia Valley. 265
transient and resident species have been counted in Golden so far.
Reflection Lake, the Edelweiss slough and Moberly Marsh are favourite
birding spots. You can do bird watching year-round, although there are
more species during migration in spring [April to June]
and fall [September to October].

Canoe / Kayak Tours:
At the Columbia River you can view birds of prey, herons and ducks.
Paddle the Blaeberry River for more action. The Kicking Horse River is the
place to be for great whitewater action. For very experienced kayakers
the lower canyon with its class IV rapids is ideal. Season: May to October.

In 1912 six Swiss Mountain Guides and their families moved permanently
to Golden. Canadian Pacific Rail had hired them as professional
mountain guides for the many tourists who wanted to explore the Canadian
Rocky Mountains. Today there are many ACMG certified mountain
guides who live and work in Golden and the mountains around.
Golden attracts climbers from all over the world.

Cross-Country Skiing:
Track-set trails are just minutes from town at the Golden Golf Course.
More challenging trails can be found at Dawn Mountain Nordic Trail
System at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Many more
tracks set by XC-enthusiasts can be found in the Blaeberry and Columbia
Valley. The season is from December to April.

Golden is the centre for the 'Golden Triangle' Tour where you cross the
Continental Divide twice. You can go at your own pace or book a package
with one of the tour companies.

Dog Sledding:
Season lasts from late November to April.

Downhill (Alpine) & Cat Skiing / Snowboarding:
The new Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is being developed into a 250-
acre resort, encompassing 4005 acres of ski and snowboarding terrain,
with views of the Canadian Rockies. The new gondola rises to the
summit of the Dogtooth Mountain Range at an elevation of 7705
feet [2350 meters] where the new Eagle’s Eye Restaurant is located.
The excellent snow conditions will include a vertical drop of 4,133
feet [1260 meters] from the top lift, making it the second highest in
Canada. Ski season is from early December to the end of April.

Freshwater Fishing / Ice Fishing / Heli-Fishing:
The area's fishing opportunities are endless, ranging from early and
late rainbow trout, small cut-throat trout in alpine lakes to char in
the river and giant ling [turbot] and Dolly Varden in the hydro
reservoir. Guides can take you to the type of fishing you prefer and
provide all the equipment from boats to heli-fishing. One of the more
popular lake areas is south of Golden, near Parson and Brisco. Many
of the lower lakes open early in May, and more fishing can be found
at higher elevations as summer arrives.

A popular lake is Mitten Lake. Also excellent are the Cleland and
Jade Lakes, and to the west, the Blackwater Lake. Stocked rainbow
trout up to 24-inches can be caught in these areas. North/northwest of
Golden are the Susan and Jeb Lakes in the area of the Big Bend Highway
and are usually open by early July. These two lakes are renowned for
their Brook trout. Anglers should note that the waters to the north remain
cooler longer in the summer and often provide a more vigorous fish than
the lethargic ones of the southern waters. Many of the higher alpine lakes,
which open at various times later in the summer offer exciting and
picturesque fly and spin- cast opportunities. The more popular areas
include Gorman, Quartz and Silent Lakes - and all trailheads are
within 25 minutes of town. Hike-in distances range from several
kilometres to much longer.

For river fishing, the Columbia opens early in the spring providing
Rainbows and Char. With a red and white spoon or a wet fly you'll likely
nab one. Also available in the Columbia are Dolly Varden, Whitefish and
Kokanee. Creeks and streams open officially on June 14. and a lightweight
fly rod is recommended. In the Glacier and Yoho National Parks is superb
fishing but you must have a special permit aside from your regular license to
encourage catch and release in these areas.

The Golden Golf & Country Club is rated one of the top 10 is B.C., the
75th best course in Canada by Score magazine, with Golf Digest rating it
three-and-a-half stars. Whether you play pro or beginner there are complete
facilities and services at the 18-hole championship course. The
season is from mid April to October. The course ranges from 5,380 yards
to 6,818 yards long. One hole, the 11th, has such a fine setting that
wedding parties have utilized the spot for photographs. It is a par 4,
running 385 yards downhill from an elevated tee, with Holt Creek
running beside it. This course features a pro shop, which can completely
outfit all golfing needs. As well, there is a full-service restaurant,
lounge and outdoor patio.

Hangliding ~ Paragliding:
The Mount 7 hangliding site is one of the top ten sites in the world.
Mount 7 is year after year the site of National and International
Championships. If a novice you can take a tandem-flight with an
experienced instructor. The season is [weather permitting] from
May to October.

Heli-Hiking / Skiing:
The birthplace area of the sport and one of the best in the world.
Daily to weekly packages.

Hiking and Hiking Guides:
Take a stroll along the dike of the Kicking Horse River or along the
numerous trails to the alpine on your own or join a group at one
of the remote alpine lodges accessible by helicopter or a guided
tour to the world heritage site of the Yoho Burgess-Shale.

The day-hike trail at Gorman Lake is the most popular. Mammal
Activities and sightings of bear, muskrat, fox, and many others
are not uncommon just strolling in the woods. Some areas are
known to shelter abundant wildlife.

Back- country camping sites:
The lake affords excellent fly-fishing. You can find marmots and
pikas along talus slopes and goats on the cliffs above. The hike is
three kilometres in length, ending at the lake, and takes about 90-

The Moonraker Trails at Canyon Creek are popular for hiking as
well as biking and horseback riding. There are some 45-kilometres
of loop trails stretching from the Cedar Lake area to Canyon
Creek. This is only minutes from town but home to wild mountain
goats and bears.

The Mummery Glacier Trail is three-kilometres in length through
old-growth cedar and hemlock and spectacular views of the glacier
for which it is named. After a short trek up an old creek bed and
across the creek by bridge you'll arrive at the immense moraines
left by the glacier. The trail ends at one of these moraines, near the
top where there is a view of the glacier and waterfalls above - but
look out for calving ice off the glacier! The Quartz Lake Trail west
of town is a five -kilometre hike and is recommended for the area's
pristine beauty.

The recent elimination of the Ministry of Forests' recreation program,
may have lead to the dismantling of signs, toilets, and picnic tables
at some recreation sites, but you may find a guidebook at Golden's

Horseback ~ Trail Riding:
You will find specially trained horses for the beginner to the expert.
Tours range from short rides to multiple day excursions. Riding
season is from mid-June to October.

Hunting / Guide Outfitters:
Although most people like to go hunting with their cameras, some take
a rifle and want to come back with a trophy. The BC Government
allows hunting of black bears, mountain goats and other animals within
limited quotas and led by certified guide outfitters. Hunting seasons
vary depending on species.

Mountain Biking:
With 7,700 feet of vertical terrain enthusiasts can ride the mountains
themselves or with guides, which are available at Kicking Horse
Mountain Resort where they launch their rides down the mountain.
For the price of a day's lift ticket you can bike down 4200 vertical feet,
accessed by the gondola. Mount 7 is the location of the legendary
Mount 7 Psychosis downhill race offering some 12 kilometres of
downhill drops, steeps and technical woodwork playgrounds. People
can pedal to the top, with several jump-off trails at three, five and six-
kilometres. Shuttling via truck 15-kilometres to the top is a popular

Mountain biking cross-country:
Golden has an in-town trail system as well as a 45-kilometre trail
system on the west bank of the Columbia River along the Canyon
Creek trail along the narrow deep canyon, which is a steep climb up
with a long, rolling descent. Motocross racing comes to Golden in
late May.

Mountain Climbing:
Golden has been well known for its mountain climbing since the end
of the 19th century with the coming of the Swiss Guides to the Selkirk
and Rocky Mountains. Local climbers have developed several areas
around Golden over the last decades. The most popular area is Jubilee
Mountain near Spillimacheen, 45 minutes south of town. It offers over
70 climbs, mostly sport [bolted] ranging from 5.8 to 5.12. Another
popular area that is easer with low-angle climbs is up the Mount 7
road at the 6-kilometre parking lot, with most of the climbs slab in
nature with a handful of short, pumpy climbs. Difficulty ranges from
5.6 to 5.11, some bolted and some mixed. A 60-metre rope is
recommended for top-roping the longer routes.

A new climbing area is in the Kicking Horse Canyon, 10-kilometres
east of Golden called 'The Glen' after nearby Glenogle Creek. This is
a quartzite area and will provide a wide range of climbing, from slab to
severely overhanging and difficult routes. Another short, quartzite crag
is up the forest service road on the west side of the Columbia River near
Nicholson [five-kilometres south of Golden]. This is a steep sport
climbing wall with approximately 10 climbs from 5.10 to 5.11 plus.

Snowmobiling is popular with routes too numerous to mention.

Whitewater Rafting:
The Kicking Horse River originates from icy glaciers at the western
boundary of Yoho National Park and runs along 20-kilometres, has class
three and four rapids careening through a canyon and right into Golden.
There are roughly a dozen rafting companies in the canyon. These attract
thousands of visitors from May to September each year. Rafting begins
at the upper canyon through the first set of Class IV rapids known as
Shotgun and Portage followed by a dozen Class III rapids. It continues
into the lower canyon where Class IV rapids, Double Trouble, Riptide,
and the Nozzle spread over three-kilometres. Many guiding companies
offer a variety of trips from one-day to multi-day raft outings and even
heli-rafting, which takes advantage of other nearby rivers, one being the
Blaeberry River.

Flat-water excursions:
Available through the Columbia Valley Wetlands, a popular kayaking and
canoeing destination.

Before you leave Golden, the new pedestrian bridge is a must-see. This
was completed in the fall of 2001 by volunteer timber framers from
Golden, Europe, and the United States. Because of the high waters in
the fall, the installation of the bridge didn't occur until October 25, with
the help of Sterling Cranes from Calgary, which took three full days,
inching along and out onto a temporary footing, and finally onto the far
shore where it was fitted into its concrete abutments. The bridge is 150-
feet-long, with a 210,000-pound burr arch structure. The cost of the
bridge is estimated to be $250,000, but considering the volunteer time
and the donated materials its value would be over twice that amount.