Interesting facts about the beautiful city of Florence

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Florence is a small and beautiful city in Italy famous for its incredible culture and amazing history. The city has lots of tourist attraction sites where visitors from all over the world come to explore. In this article we compile our list to the top 10 interesting facts about Florence.

Italian city Florence is famous in the world for its unique culture,Guest Posting amazing art, and architecture and renaissance history. 


Here are the 10 interesting facts about the city of Florence. 


  1. According to UNESCO, about one-third of the art and architecture of the world are housed in Florence.
  2. Florence is the first city in Europe where the paved streets were built in 1339. 
  3. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region of Florence. 
  4. On 30th November 1876, under the period of Pietro Leopoldo Tuscany became the first European state to do away from capital punishment. 
  5. The world-famous Duomo of Florence takes 140 years to build. The construction work was started on 8th September 1926 and completed on 25th March 1436. There are 463 steps in the Duomo, On climbing to the top of the Duomo will give you panoramic views of the Florence city. 
  6. The population of Florence is about 4 million and the area is 1.5 million.
  7. Flower Red Lily is the symbol of Florence, that was derived from the white flower called iris which is very common in the streets of Florence. 
  8. The city of Florence is divided into four quarters, whose name is based on the famous churches. Three of the quarters are on the north side of the river Arno which are Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and the Santa Croce. The only quarter on the south of river Arno is Santo Spirito. 
  9. During World War II, Florence was heavily damaged by the Germans. All the bridges were blown except the Ponte Vicchio as it was too beautiful in the eye of Hitler that he didn't want to destroy it. 
  10. The 14 feet 3-inch high statue of David by Michelangelo is housed in the Accademia Gallery museum in Florence. 


For more information, plan a trip to Italy and visit the city of Florence and other famous cities. 


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