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It used to be that only the wealthy could afford to stay in 4 and 5 star resorts around the world.  Now, these luxury vacation properties are available to the rest of us.

For about 20 years,Guest Posting one of the top resort ownership companies in the world sold a private luxury vacation membership for between $7,000 and $10,000.  They have recently merged to form a second company, Global Resorts Network, that is offering a tremendous opportunity to those who want to experience a new lifestyle. 

In doing so, they reduced the price to $2,995 for a lifetime membership, making it more affordable to a wider range of people. Membership is not limited by geography and the affiliated resorts and vacation properties have virtually no black out dates. Meaning, there is more flexibility in planning a vacation around your schedule instead of planning it around available accommodations.

Other companies may also require annual or monthly maintenance fees but with membership at Global Resorts Network, there is only the cost of membership; there are no other fees to pay to the company…ever. Compared to some vacation clubs that can charge an annual fee of up to $900 this is a significant savings.

Savings available are not limited to resort locations as they can be used on cruise and at ski resorts. Some of the savings may include seven-night stays at four and five-star resorts for between $298 and $699 per week,  not per person!. There are also special weeks where the resorts offer even bigger savings to Global Resorts Network members.

Why Global Resorts Network? Consider the following - Access to a global market of over 5,000, 4 and 5 star resorts for as little as $298 per week.- At $2995, the cost of a lifetime membership is fraction of the cost of a time share purchase with zero recurring fees- Over 250,000 weeks available every year, no black out dates or restrictions  - Members receive 3 guest weeks every year that they can either give away or sell to friends or family.

Referral Marketing OpportunityMembers who want to earn additional income can also become affiliates at no cost and make $1,000 commissions on the sale of a membership. Additionally, they can earn $1,000 commissions from sales of others they refer as sub-affiliates through unlimited width and depth.This compensation plan is so unique it has its' own name; Perpetual Leverage. (To view a presentation on Perpetual Leverage, click here

While the pay plan is centered on driving new business by creating leverage, the primary goal is to market the vacation memberships mostly online via GRNs' state of the art replicated websites. Many participants believe it is the best way for potential members to learn about all the benefits of membership as well as being able to get instant answers to any questions they may have.

Lastly, with over 20 years in the resorts and vacation ownership industry, GRN members know they can expect the very best in customer and concierge services, including a full service travel agency to handle all their vacation travel needs (airfare, car rental etc.) at significant savings. Learn more about Global Resorts Network.

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