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Mathura is situated on the west bank of river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh and is famous as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, an important deity in the Hindu religious pantheon. Mathura is an important pilgrimage center of the Hindus and one of the seven sacred cities in India.


Mathura is one of the few cities of India,Guest Posting which has been mentioned both in history and mythology. On the mythological front, since Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna so it is full of stories of Lord Krishna. In the Dwapara Yuga, Shri Krishna was born as the eighth son of the Yadava prince Vasudeva and his wife Devaki, cousin sister of Kansa who was the ruler of Mathura. Kansa had heard a voice in the sky telling him that the eighth child of Devaki would kill him. Fearing his death he imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and killed their seven children. To save the eighth child from the murderous intentions of his maternal uncle, the infant Krishna soon after birth was spirited to Gokul. Krishna grew up in Vrindavan to kill Kansa.

Places to see in Mathura:

Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi

A temple marks the birthplace of Lord Krishna today. A narrow passage leads one into a small room with a raised platform adorned with pictures of Krishna as a child to the left. The story of His birth is written and depicted on the walls. A narrow set of marble steps leads you to the terrace and a walled corridor creates the effect of a prison. The prison and the other buildings were razed to the ground in the 17th century but were restored in 1962 by industrialists like G.D. Birla.

Dwarkadish Temple

Situated to the north of Mathura, built in 1815 this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. A staunch and wealthy devotee, Seth Gokuldas Parikh, built it with lots of enchanting paintings and beautiful carvings. During the festivals Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali this temple is decorated gorgeously.

Radharamana Temple

When the soldiers of the fanatical Muslim Emperor Aurangazeb attacked Vrindavan, the original deity of Madana Mohana was taken to Karauli in Rajasthan for safekeeping. Later in a forest, which is the present Vrindavan, this temple was established and it is believed that the Deity self manifested from a Saligram-sila. The presiding deity called as Radharamana, symbolizes as the omnipotent that gives pleasure to Radha his consort. A crown is kept next to the deity signifying Radha's presence.


Rangbhoomi situated opposite to the post office in Mathura, is said to be the wrestling arena where Krishna killed Kansa in a duel. According to Hindu mythology, Kansa had put his father and parents of Lord Krishna in prison and usurped the throne. Krishna killed him and set his parents free reinstating his maternal grandfather Ugrasena on the throne.

Rangaji Temple

This is the largest temple in Vrindavan built in 1854 by Seth Govind Das and the presiding deity is Lord Sri Ranganatha popularly known as Rangaji who is seen lying down on the Sesha Naga (celestial serpent). This South Indian styled temple has exquisite Rajput architecture on its main gate.


HoliHoli is celebrated in the temples before it is celebrated on the streets, as it is considered auspicious to play with the Lord, first. This festival is preceded by performances that last well over a week. Artists from various parts of the country gather here to perform raas leela, or dance recitals depicting Krishna’s flirtatious interlude with the gopis, or the village maidens. Gayan mandalis, or singing troupes that render folk songs particularly associated with Holi, flock to this place. The artistic exuberance associated with the festival is termed as Rang Gulal.


Of course, the most important festival is Janmashtami. The birth of Shri Krishna is celebrated with great pomp and splendour. The Raaslila is enacted recreating the many legends of Shri Krishna's life - his exploits and his amorous dalliances with the gopis. Ceremonies in the temples at midnight include the bathing of the image of infant Krishna which is then placed in a silver cradle. Songs of devotion are sung and toys offered for the amusement of the divine child. Thousands gather to offer their prayers and Mathura is astir with their devotion and celebrations. How to Get There:

AirNearest airport is Kheria (Agra), 62 km.


Mathura is on the main lines of the Central and Western Railways and is connected with all the important cities of the state and country such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Jaipur, Gwalior, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow etc.


Mathura is connected to all the major cities, by National Highways. It is linked by the regular state bus services of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

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