Mexico Visa for Indians

Feb 24


Deep Bhong

Deep Bhong

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Are you planning to visit the country of the cinematic and colorful views? Mexico is the Spanish speaking peoples country and to visit Mexico you will need a visa to Mexico and this guide is for you in which you will understand the process of the Mexico visa.


Mexico is a colorful and cinematic country,Mexico Visa for Indians Articles with unique infrastructure to countless natural sights. Being the country which has the highest number of Spanish speaking people in the world, reflects the history of Spanish occupation and the Aztecs Empire. 

There are numerous builds and ancient monuments which are a glimpse of what life in Mexico (central America was like) in the pre-Columbian period. This country is a delight for foodies, this is the place of origin of various iconic dishes around the world, and Mexican food as we know it is delicious.

Mexico has some of the most diverse forms of wildlife, it has regions which are lush tropical and regions which are completely arid, but the wildlife and vibrancy of species are pleasingly high in Mexico. 

This place is a successor of Mayan Civilization, a must-visit country for a uniquely thrilling and historical experience. You can roam in the populated city like Mexico city or in the suburbs and feel the culturally rich heritage of Mexico, with a Mexico visa for Indians, just for the tourism and leisure purposes you will specifically require a Mexico tourist visa.

A Mexican visit requires a permit which is a Mexico visa for Indians, you may receive a permit depending on your purpose of visit. They have categories of visas according to the requirements of the tourist. Before applying for a Mexico visa, you must figure out what type of visa you actually require.

Types of Mexico visa for Indians

Mexico tourist visa - This type of permit will be issued to you if you are looking forward to visiting the country for the purpose of exploration, travel or other leisure. You cannot take part in any employment or academic activity on a Mexican tourist visa.

Mexico business visa - This type of permit is issued to you if you are a business professional and want to come to Mexico for a meeting, conference or an official convention. This type of visa also lets you take part in tourism-related activities as well.

Mexico study visa - If you are a student and want to make the most out of academic opportunities in Mexico then you will be issued a study visa.

Mexico works visa - If you want to go to Mexico to take part in employment-related activities or simply work in Mexico then you might receive a Mexico visa for Indians permitting works or a work visa.

Mexico visa requirements 

Mexico visa requirements simply mean that the documents and basically means you would be required to present and certain points that you have to prove with supportive documents, Documentation is extremely important along with a strong visa application to avoid wastage of time and rejection of the visa application.

  • A duly filled visa application.
  • A valid passport
  • Photographs
  • Bank statement
  • The medical condition should be sound, you must not be carrying any contagious disease
  • You will need yo prove your place of stay in Mexico eg - Hotel bookings etc.

The process of obtaining a Mexico visa for Indians is mostly done offline, at the Mexican embassy, consulates or other diplomatic missions.

The procedure is as follows:
  • Download and print an online application form 
  • Fill that form appropriately
  • Compile all the required documents along with the visa application
  • You may be asked to submit your biometrics, you need to do that.
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Personal interview by diplomats is common when obtaining a Mexico tourist visa or any other visa.
  • You have to schedule the personal interview, the official may ask you a few questions regarding your visit to Mexico, your place of staying and the purpose of visit.

Make sure all the information you provide in the form is accurate and does not contradict the information on your travel documents if such a mishappening occurs, your visa application may get rejected and a rejected visa application affects your future travel. Ensure that you answer all the questions asked by officials of Mexico honestly and gracefully.

Points to remember when obtaining a Mexico visa for Indians
  • The application must not contain unnecessary blank fields.
  • You must first have a legitimate reason to get the visa extension. You can apply for a visa extension by contacting the Immigration Office. 
  • The amount that is required in your savings bank account is not specified clearly by the Mexico Embassy. There may be requirements as per the type of your visa and whether the permit is a long term or a short term type.
  • You can apply at least a week or two prior to the intended date of travel as the processing time varies from 3 to 5 working days.