Kuwait Visa

Mar 3


Deep Bhong

Deep Bhong

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Are you planning to visit the country of the deserts and skyscrapers? Kuwait is situated on the Persian Gulf and to visit Kuwait you will need a visa to Kuwait and this guide is for you in which you will understand the process of the Kuwait visa.


Kuwait is a small nation situated on the Persian Gulf,Kuwait Visa Articles in the deserts, but it does not feel like a desert because of skyscrapers and tall apartments in the country. This country is small but the lifestyle here is luxurious since many years Indian Citizens have been going to Kuwait for work-related purposes.

Many Indian engineers are some way or the other a part of all the construction work which took place in Kuwait during industrialization. The quality of life for Indians in Kuwait was more opportunistic and comforting than other nations. 

Even at this time, this nation hosts one of the highest numbers of the Indian diaspora, and Indians still seek employment opportunities in Kuwait. 

To visit Kuwait to roam around some picturesque landscapes you will need a Kuwait visa. With a Kuwait visa, you can visit this place and take a whole different view of life in this part of the world.

Kuwait visa types

Before applying for a Kuwait visa you must make sure what type of visa you actually require, the type of visa depends on your intention of visit.

Tourist - also known as the Kuwait e-visa, this is used for the purpose of tourism and leisure. It, however, is the only type where there is an option to apply for a Kuwait visa online. 

The tourist permit is issued for a duration of 90 days with only a single entry, you can extend it with a relevant reason and the application has to be made at least 2 weeks before the expiration of your stay duration.

Visitor - The visitor permit is issued for individuals who want to visit the country for business purposes, or for visiting family or friends. The visa is issued for a period of 30 days. This type can be further classified into - 

    1. Business visit
    2. Relative visit 

Residence - The resident permit is issued for people who have to stay in the country for a longer period as a part of work, family, studying or other activities. There are a few types of this visa as follows - 

    1. Family
    2. Work 
    3. Student
Kuwait visa requirements

To obtain a Kuwait visa, you need to have a duly filled visa application, along with all the Kuwait visa requirements such as a valid passport. Here are the Kuwait visa requirements.

  • A visa application.
  • A valid passport which must be valid for at least six months.
  • Proof of sufficient funds. Like a bank statement.
  • Sound medical condition (you must not be carrying any contagious disease.)
  • Proof of accommodation, or any other document depending on your type of visa which signifies your intention for the visit.

Other Kuwait visa requirements depend on the type of the visa, you must meet the requirements or consult a Kuwait visa agent. In that way, you will minimalize your efforts and it is beneficial to consult a Kuwait visa agent because such agents are verified by the embassies of countries in India. 

They provide complete packages along with the visa, like hotel bookings and destination guides, plus they support your queries so that you don’t get stuck on foreign lands.

Kuwait visa agents in India have expertise on this particular subject, you will be guided about how to get the right documents and how to compile them in a better way.

How to get a Kuwait visa for Indians?

To obtain a Kuwait permit, you must first make sure what type of visa is that you require. Any person visiting Kuwait for any reason requires to have a sponsor, a sponsor ensures to the authority about your visit and fills up the application and submits it at the port of entry (Kuwait international airport) you then have to collect your visa on arrival.

E-visa is for the individuals who are visiting Kuwait with a tourist visa, for obtaining the rest of visas you have to follow a general procedure :

  • Collect all the documents required for that particular visa application.
  • Download the Kuwait visa application form from the website of the Kuwait High Commission in India.
  • Complete the form and along with the photographs.
  • Submit the completed application form and the documents to the nearest Kuwaiti embassy or visa application center approved by the Kuwait government.

You may be called for a personal interview with the immigration official of Kuwait, they usually ask details about the purpose of the visit.