Denmark Visa

Mar 11


Deep Bhong

Deep Bhong

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In this article, you can find out about a Denmark Visa Guide for Indians in detail.


Denmark is one of the most iconic nations in Europe with all its natural beauty and tremendous public infrastructure,Denmark Visa Articles this country tops most of the highest standard of living indexes. Home to 56 lakh people, this country is a delight for tourists with all the attractions like the colourful capital city of Copenhagen, with fossil cliffs and alluring summer beaches of Zealand. This nation looks after the external affairs and military affairs of the largest Island in the world ‘Greenland’. So a Denmark visa for Indians would enable a person to visit that untouched wonder of nature. It is an archipelago of over 1400 islands and overseas territories. With so many attractive spots for the tourists - Denmark also offers a lot of academic opportunities, it universities of Denmark offer some of the most vibrant sets of courses, that is why many foreign nationals aim for studying or completing their higher education in Denmark. Most of them have got an employment pass and work in Denmark and lead to a good quality of life. A big chunk of the ‘Indian student’s Diaspora’ is in Denmark along with other students of Southeast Asia and the rest of Europe.

What is a Denmark/Schengen visa

Danish government and administration provide a permit to foreigners which enables them to carry out their purposes in the territory of Denmark. That is a Denmark visa. Like the rest of Schengen member countries, Denmark offers a Denmark visit visa as well, it is for those who want to visit their friends or family in Denmark.

Types of Denmark/Schengen visa for Indians

Denmark Tourist Visa - This type of permit is granted to those who are willing to visit Denmark for carrying out tourism-related purposes, like sightseeing, exploring or leisure.

Denmark Visit Visa - This visa is provided to those, who want to visit Denmark for meeting their friends or family members in Denmark.

Denmark Work Visa - This type of a visa (also known as the employment visa) is provided to those who want to visit Denmark for employment purposes, like getting a job.

Denmark business visa - This type of permit is provided to those who want to come to Denmark for investment, trading, commercial activities or attending a meeting, conference, convention related to business.

Denmark Student Visa - This type of permit is issued to students of foreign states who want to come to Denmark for studying or making the most of the academic opportunities in Denmark.

Denmark visa fees

Denmark visa fees Depend on the type of the visa you want, and what will be the duration of your stay, fees for a Denmark/Schengen visa differs. A tourist visa can be obtained at a lesser price than a business or a work visa. Appropriate documentation and duly filled visa application are more important aspects to look after when on the verge of applying for a Denmark visa for Indians.

Denmark visa requirements

As per the Denmark Schengen Visa requirements, you have to make sure all the documents and photos with specifications are presented, incomplete documentation is one of the most common reasons for the denial of a visa application. You are expected to check the individual document checklist for the type you are applying for. And make sure that you provide all original documents, fake/forged documents can be traced by the authorities and this may affect your future visa applications as well.

  •  A passport valid for at least 6 months from the expected date of travel 
  • 2 photographs as per the exact specifications.
  • Colour copy of the passport, and especially the bio page, as well as a colour copy of any previous valid visas.
  • Confirmed round/onward trip flight tickets 
  • Proof of accommodation like hotel reservations or hostel invitation.
  • Travel medical insurance covering 30000 Euros (if required.)
  • Documents to show proof of sufficient funds. A bank statement of the previous three months is mostly asked for, this proves that you can sustain yourself while in Denmark.
Points to remember while Obtaining a Denmark visa for Indians
  1. Make sure that the documentation is precise and you provide all the documents as per the checklist.
  2. Make sure there is no false or contradictory information in the visa application.
  3. With a Denmark visit visa, you can take part in tourism-related activities as well
  4. Being a Schengen permit, the Denmark visit visa for any other visa cannot be extended. You are expected to leave the country before the expiry of the permit.
  5.  Staying back after a period of 90 days is considered as an offence, and can get you deported and maybe even banned from the re-entry.

To avoid mishappenings during the procedure of obtaining a Denmark visa for Indians, you need to be advised and assisted until you get a visa, choosing a visa consultant would ease the hassles that this process carries along with itself, make sure you choose the right visa agent because you don’t want your application to be rejected.