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Travel tips and ideas for a Brazil vacation to Rio de Janeiro, by a Brazil travel expert at Brazil For Less.

Brazil is a growing South America travel destination as the beauty and magnificence of this amazing country is being discovered by more and more people around the world. Brazil packages will usually visit the highlights of the country,Guest Posting focusing on culturally interesting sites and sites of natural beauty. A visit to Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most exciting travel destinations is an essential part of any Brazil travel itinerary.

Rio de Janeiro is located on the eastern border of Brazil, along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. There are plenty of exciting activities to fill your day in Rio. Of course, one option is always to stretch out on the beach for the day, with a good book and some sun screen. There are two popular beaches right in the city, Ipanema and Copacabana. Looming in the distance is one of Rio’s icons, Sugarloaf Mountain. This beautiful natural mountain is a necessary stop on any trip to Rio, where from the top you can enjoy panoramic views of an amazing cityscape. Another one of Rio’s icons, is Christ the Redeemer who stands looking down on the vivacious residents of Rio. You’ve seen this statue in almost every photo of Rio; it is a true landmark of this amazing city.

Rio has a fascinating history, having been occupied by the Tupi, Puri, Botocudo and Maxakali peoples until the conquest of the Portuguese in the 1565. The city of Rio de Janeiro was founded by the Portuguese on March 1, 1565. It was a very important port city for exporting gold, precious stones, and sugar. It was a colonial capital until 1808, when the Portuguese nobility fled to Rio to avoid Napolean’s invasion of Portugal. Rio was made Portugal’s capital city and was the only European capital city that actually was found outside of Europe.

Brazil claimed independence in 1822 and Prince Pedro I made the decision to keep Rio de Janeiro the capital of the new Brazilian empire and it remained the capital of Brazil until 1960 when Brasilia was built and became the new capital with a more central location. In October of 2009 it was announced that Rio de Janeiro would be the site of the 2016 Olympic Games. Rio beat out other finalist competitors such as Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. This will be the first Olympics hosted in South America and only the 2nd in Latin America. Mexico City hosted the Summer Olympics in 1968.

An enjoyable Rio travel vacation will include transfers to and from the airport or bus station. Take a Rio tour, where it is recommended that you ride in the Sugarloaf cable car, where you will have an incredible view of Rio’s famous beaches. Visit  the cathedral and the Sambodromo, as well as the historical center and the Maracana football stadium. In the afternoon you won’t want to miss visiting Christ the Redeemer, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. A train ride from Rio can take you to the top of Corcovado Mountain.

With Rio’s many sites and attractions make sure and plan extra time to relax on the beach. You won’t regret making Rio a part of your next Brazil vacation.  

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