Norwood Resorts inc. Offers Brand New Way to Own Vacation Property

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Norwood Resorts Inc. offers a variety of properties in the Collingwood, Ontario area. These fractional ownership opportunities will satisfy a broad variety of needs and provide outdoor enthusiasts the perfect way to enjoy their next vacation.

Fractional ownership opportunities in the Ontario vacation real estate market have taken an innovative turn,Guest Posting now that Norwood Resorts Inc. is establishing a presence on the Collingwood area landscape. Unique in the province, the Norwood Resorts concept involves offering a variety of properties, from chalets and custom-built homes, to log cabins, condo villas and even condominium suites in several resort-style locations. This enables the company to satisfy the needs of a broad range of the market. Fractional ownership purchasers can exchange their vacation time for other opportunities around the globe. Distinguishing Norwood Resorts further from the competition is the Norwood Private Members Club™, through which fractional-ownership purchasers can choose from thousands of holiday locations worldwide at wholesale prices without exchanging their vacation time, and enjoy personalized concierge services that enhance their relaxation during their holiday stays in Collingwood.

“Our goal is to provide an alternative to fractional ownership of vacation properties that are outside the parameters of a development or traditional resort,” says Don Allen, President and CEO of Norwood Resorts. “Vacationers come in all configurations, from individuals to families and empty-nesters, so the ability to choose just the right vacation home at the right price is appealing to the spectrum of the market. For some, sharing the costs of a million-dollar chalet in ski country might be just the thing; others may prefer a Mylescompact condo suite overlooking Georgian Bay. Fractional owners in Norwood Resorts will see exactly what they’re buying, because we offer only properties that are renovated and ready to occupy. We chose to focus on the Collingwood area, because it is the quintessential four-season vacation spot in the province.”

In the Collingwood area, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy level-3 mountain biking, sport fishing, windsurfing, and hiking along the Georgian Trail. The Niagara Escarpment provides the breathtaking setting for numerous championship golf courses. Nearby Blue Mountain is Ontario’s largest ski and snowboard destination, and offers a kaleidoscope of activities including concerts, nightlife venues, and horse-drawn carriage rides along cobblestone streets lined with quaint shops and eateries.

Collingwood, Thornbury and Creemore are home to a wide range of restaurants that can satisfy the gamut of palates, and are sought-after destinations for those who consider shopping a sport. Whether it’s sports equipment or something new to wear to dinner, vacationers enjoy a great selection. Entertainment is alive and well here too, with museums and galleries in the area beckoning with quality art and collectibles. Arts events, children’s programs, dinner theatre, summer jazz concerts and other musical events help to create vacation memories. Norwood’s Member Services will help with reservations and information on local attractions.

“More busy people are finding the benefits of fractional ownership of a vacation property irresistible,” Allen says. “Purchasing for a fraction of the cost of whole ownership enables them to pursue properties that would otherwise be out of their financial reach, and enjoying vacations without maintenance and upkeep are compelling reasons to choose this lifestyle. Norwood Resorts is proud to offer a new range of distinctive properties.”

Norwood Resorts’ Presentation Centre will open this summer. For more information, call 705-812-8304 or visit

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