Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for a Sydney Tour.

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Fond of food and roads? Then hands up for an amazing Sydney tour. Choose a cruise or drive or both. We can have fun and food along the way.

Hey folks!

Welcome back to my Sydney Stories.

Do you guys have any plans to pop up in Sydney during this week? Because I just wanted to make sure that you guys heard me,Guest Posting read through my posts. Or am I just talking to myself? Miserable!

Listen to me folks. I have plans to share something with you. Give a guess.


Here are the options: 

Plan A- a lunch or a dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour

Plan B- a foodie road trip

Plan C- both A and B.


Let me know that you read me. Go through the plans that I have listed and choose one wisely. 

Excited?! Curious enough to be updated on this jackpot?! 

Okay. I can describe further.


Plan A

You can walk around Sydney coastal suburbs, visit museums, zoos, art and cultural galleries, parks, lawns, and so on. As you people know, Sydney, the gracious city of ancient Victorian architecture is famous for most of its beaches and waterfront restaurants. I want to take you on to a multi-million dollar ultra modern catamaran, a sightseeing Sydney Harbour lunch cruise that is budget friendly, tourist friendly, and family friendly. So, get on board a purpose-built, climate controlled luxury vessel that is fully air-conditioned. 

Enjoy a high quality restaurant style dining experience. Catch sight of the Sydney Harbour marvels like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from its three spacious outer decks and panoramic windows. Taste a buffet lunch or dinner menu for around two or three hours depending on the package that you are in.  There will be an ample view of the Shark Island, Taronga Zoo, and Luna Park. There is a fully licensed bar on board with an upgradable beverage package. So, these are the basic details that I wanted to share with you people. Think about it and let me know. 


Plan B

Are you a foodie who loves road trips? So am I. Maybe we can go together around Australian roads with some adventure and fun. Australia is famous for its roads and cuisine. Have you heard about Lake Conjola? It is a small town in a small less populated town called Ulladulla, Shoalhaven in Australia. If you are looking for an adventurous road trip, we can stop at downtown Lake Conjola. We can swim, fish, go surfing, and observe the ecology! Just think about it guys, we can have an amazing time together. We can make a day of it in Ulladulla and then can head to Eurobodalla National Park. Try to spot species that are endangered but please be aware to not disrupt their surroundings. The Eurobodalla National Park is considered as a non-contiguous, over 2000-hectare covering Moruya Heads and Tilba Tilba Lake. We can walk around and camp in the sight. We can encounter cafes, restaurants, and native tastes on this trip. We can meditate over food and have some fun chats along the road. Those who are fond of food and roads, hands up. Maybe this could be your best ever road trip. 


So, these are my plans for the weekend. If you are ready to sign up with me, Yo!

We can have a blast together. Last time, I had great company with an Indonesian couple. So I am looking forward to it. Just think about the plans that I mentioned above. Think, think, and think again. You can have a week's time. Do let me know if you are interested in both plans.


So… Yeah that’s it. I hope you are doing well in your hometowns. Take a break from that hectic work-from-home schedule you are going through. Refresh your body and soul. Have a great day ahead mate. See you! 

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