Prague - A Destination to Sate Your Inner Spy

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Prague airport shuttle services offer your first view of the city. They can also be the gateway to a history lesson you'll never forget. 

Once you've settled in from the Prague airport shuttle it will be time to explore this grand old city at your leisure. There is indeed a lot to enjoy,Guest Posting especially when it comes to rich culture and grand architecture. There are, however, quite a few destinations that honour a different side of the city: that of a silent battleground between the two major factions of the Cold War - The Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc.

For those who are attracted to this theme, here are some of the more notable sights to stimulate your inner spy once you've arrived on the Prague airport shuttle.


TRAP Prague is an escape game that puts participants in the shoes of a spy who needs to find the right clues in order to escape the room they are locked in. Fun fact: the room was used by an actual agent in the 70’s - with the puzzles and brain teasers all reflecting this theme.

Shooting Trips

Good spies who did their jobs well rarely needed weapons, but they still had to learn how to use them - just in case. Visit any of the many firing ranges in the city, where you can try your hand at handling and firing a wide range of weapons – from the classic AK-47 to the show-stopping hand cannon Magnum .357.


The iPilot simulator is an exhilarating experience in and of itself as it puts you in the cockpit of an Airbus A320. The knowledge you gain in a few short sessions of using the simulator, however, was one that spies would have killed (and probably did) to obtain back at the height of the Cold War. Put into perspective, it helps you appreciate the information and developments we take for granted in these modern times.

Invisible Exhibition

This exhibition is intended to highlight the difficulties blind people face throughout their lives. It’s not only an interesting experience that helps build empathy for the visually impaired, but it is also a pretty good simulation of being in the complete and utter dark. After all, every good spy needs to know how to hide and manoeuvre in the dark, especially when they’re doing things in the night that they don’t want others to know about!

KGB Museum

You may spot this museum as you go by on your Prague airport shuttle, so ask your driver to point it out so you can return. The KGB was Soviet Russia’s premier secret service, running elaborate intelligence operations at home and abroad. The museum is home to many devices, documents, weapons, uniforms and other artefacts used by the KGB throughout the years. It's a treasure trove of knowledge for the fledgling spy.

Military Museum

The whole reason the Cold War occurred was there was so much destructive power behind the two opposing armies that an all-out war could have literally destroyed the world. You can schedule a trip to the Military Museum to find out just what was at stake during the Cold War – and just how deadly it could have been if it heated up.

Keep all these destinations in mind and you’ll be able to formulate a fun and educational espionage-oriented itinerary once you've arrived on the Prague airport shuttle to your accommodation.

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