Serviced Apartments or Hotels – which would you choose?

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Serviced Apartments are a great alternative to a hotel. Here I will tell you what to expect and why you should consider one

Serviced Apartments are becoming more and more popular in towns and cities across the globe.  They provide an alternative to hotels but are different in many ways. Here,Guest Posting I will highlight the key differences between serviced apartments and hotels.

Everyone has probably stayed in a hotel at one time or another. You don’t need me to tell you what they are about. Not everyone has stayed in a serviced apartment though. So what are they all about and why should you use one?

Well a serviced apartment is typically located in the town or city centre (but not always) and is fully furnished with a working kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and living room or space. The number of bedrooms varies and many have en-suite facilities. The kitchen will typically have a cooker, hob, microwave, fridge, freezer, dish washer, washing machine and dryer. The living area will have a TV and probably DVD, Freeview player and even a games console. WiFi is also pretty standard. You don’t get that in a hotel do you?

The key advantages are that with all this space and equipment you have a home from home environment where you can work, live, entertain and look after you family with ease. This is very important to parents with young children, as hotels can be difficult environments to look after children and keep them occupied. In serviced apartments you can also put them to bed and know they are safe whilst you have a bit time to relax.

Serviced Apartments come with clean bed linen, towels, and toiletries just like a hotel. They are also cleaned but not necessarily every day.  If you stay longer than a week they will clean it for you and change the linen and towels.

Purpose built serviced apartments will have a concierge and reception. However, some operate from normal residential apartments and so this is a bit like turning up to a holiday home with the meet and greet arrangement.

In terms of cost, serviced apartments vary enormously. Some are extremely good value making them much cheaper than hotels, especially when you consider the number of people they can accommodate. The more luxury end of the market is obviously more expensive at several. However, compare this to a 5 star hotel suite and you will see that the serviced apartment is still good value.

Finding serviced apartments is easy and a quick search on google will show you what is available. Type “serviced apartment” followed by the name of the city and you will see what is available. Websites like have a large database of UK serviced apartments. Others are more regionally based like the links below.

So, the next time you are planning a trip, why not consider serviced apartments as an alternative to hotels.

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