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Serviced Apartments provide a great alternative to hotels and other accommodation. Here are ten reasons why.

Serviced Apartments are springing up all over the place in preference to traditional temporary accommodation such as hotels and guest houses.

But what is driving this shift in accommodation choice? As both a user and provider or serviced apartments,Guest Posting here are my top ten reasons for using them. Serviced Apartments:

1. Offer More Value saving in the region of 30% to 50% off an equivalent 'room only' hotel tariff.

2. Offer More Space and typically provide much more space than a hotel room. In many respects, they are more akin to a hotel suite offering lounge and dining areas, as well as bedrooms. When compared to a hotel suite, they offer even greater value.

3. Offer More Facilities providing a range of facilities not normally found in a hotel room. These facilities vary but it is not uncommon to find the following:

* Fully Equipped Kitchen including Cooker, Fridge, Freezer, Utensils, Crockery

* Washing Machine and Dryer, Ironing Board and Iron

* Separate Lounge and Eating Area

* Free WiFi and Free Telephone

* Flat Panel Digital TV with options for DVD and Games Consoles

* Many also provide access to local gyms and leisure facilities.

Hotels with equivalent facilities would push the price up considerable.

4. Offer Greater Privacy & Security and many people have found that staying in an apartment provides a greater sense of privacy and security away from other members of the public and hotel staff. This is probably because the they are more self-contained and the need to mingle in a public lounge, bar or restaurant is not necessary.

5. Offer a Home From Home Environment. One of the most appealing aspects of the serviced apartment is that it offers a home from home environment. Sitting on your bed watching the TV whilst nibbling hotel snacks maybe OK for one night. However, it becomes tedious and even depressing after two or more nights; especially of you are on your own. The apartment on the other hand provides a more normal and natural living space where you can walk around and have a separate sleeping space to your living and eating space. Apartments are somewhere you can live, not just sleep.

6. Are Family Friendly. If you have taken your family away you will know that it is difficult to get rooms large enough for the traditional two plus two family; let alone the larger family. Often, you will have to ask for adjoining rooms or a special family room which aren't always available, and if they are will cost you extra. The problem is that you need your own personal space and so do the children. In a serviced apartment, you can put the kids to bed and still enjoy the rest of the evening without disturbing the children (or them disturbing you). Since you can cook your own meals you don't need to experience the drama of the hotel restaurant. Your family will feel much more relaxed and comfortable in a homely serviced apartment environment.

7. Accommodate More. They come in all sizes including studio, one-bed, two-bed and even three-bed. Since you pay for the apartment and not per person, it is feasible to have 6 people sharing not only the accommodation (with en-suite facilities) but also the bill.

8. Bring Your Own Food and Drink. In the serviced apartment you don't need to eat in the hotel restaurant or any other restaurant for that matter. You can bring your own food and if necessary cook it right there. This offers greater convenience and choice compared with hotels where you normally have to pay through the nose for food and drink. Once again, this makes the serviced apartment an even cheaper option.

9.Are a Great Place to Entertain. With all the space and facilities of a serviced apartment, you have an excellent place to entertain. Some people even book serviced apartments with the sole reason of entertaining or going somewhere private where they can enjoy a special occasion.

10. Are Better for Extended or Corporate Stays. People who regularly work away from home need a base to call home. Serviced Apartments, for all the reasons of space, facilities, cost, ability to entertain etc make the serviced apartment the first choice for many working away from home. Employees are also realizing the benefits of booking their employees into serviced apartments. A happy work force also makes for a productive work force. Employees are much more likely to agree to working away from home for extended stays if they feel comfortable in their accommodation.

In summary then, serviced apartments offer greater value, more space, facilities, flexibility and convenience. They are a place to live; not just stay. There is a great deal of choice to be had and serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular as availability increases.

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