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Bordeaux has a long history and is a great city to visit. In this article I will give you the highlights of the city. And tell you about the history and some great sightseeing tips.

Bordeaux is a beautiful city in France and has 926000 inhabitants. This city is the headquarters of the army of France. And Bordeaux is also very famous for its wine. Bordeaux is between the 30.000 and the 90.000 years old. In 300 before Christ Bordeaux was inhabited by a tribe called the Vivisco and later by the Vandels,Guest Posting Visogoths and Franks. Between the 12th and 15th century Bordeaux was part of the English realm. It was also a part of the state of Edward and the Black Prince. In 1462 Bordeaux got a parliament and gained importance in the late 16th century. The 18th century was the golden age of Bordeaux and in this century there were build many buildings and a lot of these buildings can still be found there today.

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Bordeaux is very famous for its wine and there are 13.000 grape growers and 10.000 wine producers. A few examples of these famous wines are Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlot, Cabernet, Verdot, Malbec and many others. But because of international competition the wine market is dropping in Bordeaux.

The most powerful laser is made in Bordeaux and Bordeaux is also very famous because of it and this project has cost more then 2 billion euros. And they are starting with experiments in 2009 and then Bordeaux will provide housing to the biggest optical and laser experts in Europe.


If you like shopping Bordeaux is a great place to go to. There is a famous shopping street in Bordeaux called the Cours de l'intendance jusq'au place de la Victoire. It also contains the oldest thoroughfares. The street is several kilometres long and it has been a famous road since the Roman times. This street Is named to the martyr Saint who had a chapel there in the 18th century. You can still see the chapel there.

There is also a famous place to visit called Place de la Bourse also know as the Place Royal. It is a beautfull example of Bordeaux architecture dating from the 18th century. I have been there also and the think I liked the most was the great fountain in the centre. And you can also take great pictures here and enjoy the view of the Garonne river.

I have also been to Place La comedie, because I am a fan of Greek and Roman architecture I think that this was the most beautiful thing I saw in Bordeaux. The place is build by Victor Louis and is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe dating from the 18th century. The theather was renovated in 1990 and also has a very picturesque grand café.

Bordeaux has also a very nice cemetery and they build it as an answer to the famous cemetery of Paris called the Pere Lachaise cemetery. There are a lot of famous people buried here like Flora Tristan and Goya. It's full of monuments and a great example of 18th century sculpture. It is very peaceful there and I think that suits the cemetery just right.

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