The Enchanting World of Croatia’s Lakes

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Holidays in Croatia are not complete without experienced the breathtaking lakes found in this beautiful country, which are amongst the best in all of Europe.

One European destination that has become very popular with nature-loving holidaymakers in recent years is Croatia. It is easy to see why,Guest Posting as this fabulous country in Eastern Europe is bursting at the seams with beauty. Here you will find an epic coastline along the Adriatic, gorgeous sandy beaches and thick interior woodland. In addition to this diverse terrain, Croatia also has some of Europe’s most magnificent and tranquil lakes in the type of settings that you thought only existed in paintings.

Holidays in Croatia are not complete without witnessing the Plitvice Lakes, which are the most visited attraction in the country.

Plitvice Lakes

This breathtaking UNESCO-protected National Park is comprised of sixteen turquoise lakes connected by a series of dramatic waterfalls that stretch over eight kilometres. The thick woodland that separates the lakes creates an incredible “patchwork” design that needs to be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate.

This is all within a beautiful mountainous region and dense woodland, so you are also treated to plenty of great walking opportunities. Along the way, you will get to see an abundance of rare and majestic wildlife within the surrounding woodland, which may include wolves, bears and boars.

I highly recommend that visitors explore the plank walks that weave through the lakes, as this will give you the best views and take you through the varied terrain. Be sure to keep an eye out for the changing colours that you see in the water, which can include greens, azure, greys and blues. These amazing changes are attributed to the minerals in the water, the organisms and sunlight.

Swimming is not allowed in the lakes, which helps to create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere around the park that can be enjoyed by all.

Hotel Degenija

Hotel Degenija is the best place to enjoy the Plitvice Lakes and it is found just 6km away in Grabovac. The hotel is just 4 years old, so it features modern facilities within a cosy alpine lodge-style building that is nestled within the National Park. The hotel features a café-bar, à la carte restaurant serving many local specialities, plus complimentary home-made brandy is available in the reception area. A shuttle bus can take you to the lakes, or the hotel can arrange excursions to the local water mills and impressive caves.

Our holidays in Croatia are perfect for nature lovers or couples seeking a romantic getaway. This beautiful country has spectacular and diverse natural beauty, but it is the lakes that truly make this an outstanding holiday destination. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a wonderful area with sublime views and a tranquil atmosphere that will leave you in complete awe. Contact my team today to learn more about our brilliant holidays in Croatia and what to expect when you are here.



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