The Festival of Light, Music & Ideas: An Introduction

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Vivid Sydney 2022 will begin on 27th May, transforming the city into a playground of the unexpected. Visit Sydney and go through some interesting things to know beforehand.

Vivid Sydney is the annual festival celebrating the fusion of the arts and technology by engulfing Sydney in a blanket of surreal large-scale light projections,Guest Posting unique melodies and innovation. Vivid Sydney 2022 is the 12th edition of this fiesta that brings in visitors from all over the world to revel in its glory. 

Vivid Sydney 2022 is promised to be a true jewel in the crown of the decade-long annual festival. If you’re wondering how to circumvent the crowds thronging the major attractions, Vivid cruises, a helicopter ride for an aerial view, or a Harbour Bridge night climb might be the answer. All of these activities require prior booking and are paid, but they are very well worth the experience. A helicopter ride during Vivid Sydney will definitely require a couple more than a hundred dollarydoos, but may be worth it. Anotheralternative is the Vivid BridgeClimb. For something not as expensive, aboard a premium glass boat Vivid Sydney cruise catapults you into the heart of the 3-week long festival, without breaking the bank and allows for unparalleled and unobstructed panoramic vistas of the highlights along with freshly prepared signature dinner menu and best value beverage packages.  However, if you prefer exploring the displays on foot, consider going on the Lightwalk which stretches over an area of 8km with stunning installations. Download the Vivid Sydney mobile app to make the most of this festival. 

Initially conceptualised and inaugurated on 26th May 2009, the Vivid Sydney festival wasn’t always the way it is today. In its nascent stages, showcases of under 25 light installations around Circular Quay with sundered musical performances around the city earned the festival a reputation. Conceived with the goal of sustainable energy in mind, the amalgamation of art made the festival what it is today - Vivid Lights, Vivid Live (Music) and Vivid Ideas. At present however, over the course of the past decade, the scale of this annual festival has expanded into one of much significance earning laurels of record-breaking interactive lighting displays and footfall surges to enormous numbers. The displays are unfurled all over the city, interactive displays vaunt the streets and technological evolution shines through in the exhibits. The dawn of a new age in the ever-progressing field of light design is now apparent with the Vivid Sydney bringing out its exhibitions to the streets transforming Sydney into a canvas of art. Would there be any better time to visit this glorious destination other than Vivid Sydney Festival? 

Highlights from Last Two Editions  

Vivid Sydney 2018 highlights included over 90 displays positioned all over the city, the most appreciated highlight being a large-scale projection called Metamathemagical drawing inspiration from the environment to adorn the Sydney Opera House sails. A glance at the social media pages of the festival will confirm the numbers of attendees and the overall experience. Skylark is an interactive lighting display which encompasses the skyscrapers and the Harbour Bridge. Taronga Zoo plays host to a display of a myriad of sculptures in a display called Light for the Wild. In 2019, we saw dozens of light installations and an awe-inspiring array of events and talks that made a great impact on the audience. Some of the best artworks at the festival included Pixar’s Animation’s transformation of the Argyle Cut, Firefly Field, River of Light, KA3323 and so on. Vivid Sydney 2022 promises to present excellently curated masterpieces showcasing the best in the field of light design. Every year, hundreds of installations are set up across the city at nice precincts. So, it’s advised that you visit the festival on multiple nights to cover all the artworks.


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