Top 5 Best Places In Ludhiana for Vibrant Photoshoot Holi 2021

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Just hire a Ludhiana to Delhi One Way taxi service and we are ready with the list of gorgeous places from Ludhiana to make your snaps fabulous.

Nestled on the banks of the Sutlej River and named after the glorious Lodi dynasty,Guest Posting Ludhiana is a captivating settlement in North India. Also known as the “Manchester of India”, this city is just 300 kilometres away from the national capital. If you are ready to cross the boundary of Delhi this Holi for some fantastic photoshoots, just hire a Ludhiana to Delhi cab service and we are ready with the list of gorgeous places from Ludhiana to make your snaps fabulous.


5 Best Places to Visit in Ludhiana for Vibrant Photoshoot this Holi


  1. Clock Tower

Clock Tower of Ludhiana, also popular with the desi name of Ghanta Ghar, is an iconic spot to click fabulous photographs. This structure marks its towering presence in the skyline of the city with sheer height and beautiful carvings. This memorial site was erected to celebrate the silver jubilee year of Queen Victoria’s leadership. This 100-year old landmark is still one of the best places to get amazing pictures. The one way taxi Ludhiana to Delhi airport service can easily bring you back from Clock Tower.


  1. Nehru Rose Garden

Flowers bring the best colours of nature and Nehru Rose Garden understands it best. This sprawling garden, sitting at the heart of Ludhiana, is one of the largest rose gardens in Asia. Here you can find more than 1,600 varieties of roses along with 17,000+ other flowering plants. This priceless display of roses and greenery makes the garden a perfect pick for photographers looking for vibrant shots.


  1. Lodhi Fort

For people who are aiming to capture the unusual side of Ludhiana, Lodhi Fort is here. This mesmerizing place whispers the golden days of Sikander Lodhi who also built this fort and established it as his royal abode. This caste pulls a huge crowd because of its old-world charm and magnificent architecture. Sitting on the Shore of Sutlej River, Lodhi Fort is guarded by lush green landscapes and it also offers opulent scope to compose some splendid shots. After you are done, the One Way taxi service from Ludhiana is available to bring you back to your hometown.


  1. The Film City

When you believe in taking pictures that speak about colours of life and celebration, Ludhiana can present you with the famous Film City. This is a fantastic shooting location if you are looking for different types of backgrounds under one roof. Film City also allows you to choose your theme as per your requirement. This is also a pre-wedding shoot hotspot from the town.


  1. Wadi Haveli Restaurant

To catch the essence of Ludhiana and its culture, there is no better place than Wadi Haveli Restaurant. The backdrops of this place are so alluring and vibrant that every shot comes out brilliant. There are many figurines and installations inside the restaurant that can enhance the beauty element of your pictures.


To satisfy your inner call of photography, we have mentioned the 5 most amazing places in Ludhiana to click colourful photos. There are a lot more to explore about this city. 

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