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Traveling requires a lot of planning and the most important factor is the money.

Handling money at a foreign destination needs to have some important tips. Those tips might be regarding the currency,Guest Posting the way of shopping or on expenses of traveling the different parts of the country. No one can afford to ignore such an important aspect of traveling a foreign land where he finds himself or herself completely unaware of the value of that countries currency. So you need to be equipped with some essential tips before you start for any foreign country.

Talking of Malaysia, the local currency is Ringgit Malaysia. One RM equals to 100 sen, the smaller unit of Malaysian currency. Like in other countries, notes and coins are principal forms. Banknotes are issued in form of RM1, Rm2< RM5, RM10, RM50 and coins are in sen like one sen, five sen,  50 sen  and 1 RM denomination. You can get your currency converted into Ringgit at banks or authorized moneychangers throughout the country. Resident travelers can carry upto RM 1000 per person both in and out of the country. However, those who want to carry more than permissible limit need to obtain permission from the Controller of Foreign Exchange and declare in the Traveler’s Declaration Form the exact amount of Ringgit carried.

Non Resident travelers are allowed to carry any amount of foreign currency. Nevertheless, if the amount exceeds 2,500 UD dollar, the declaration in the Disembarkation Card issued by the Immigration Department need to be done.  So with these valuable tips in your hand!

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