Top Money Exchangers in UAE

Jan 21


Danish Maniyar

Danish Maniyar

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Here we have listed top money exchange companies from UAE. 


Money exchanging firms provide services that allow its customers to exchange their currencies as well as to remit money to locations anywhere in the world. These firms have branches all over the world and collaborate with all major banks everywhere to provide these services. These exchange services are utilized by individuals who are working in foreign nations as well as by business people who have set up their companies in other countries.

Many world-class money exchange firms provide excellent exchange services to its clients in both UAE as well as the neighboring regions. These firms use the latest technology and their extensive networks to provide speedy top-class services to their customers.

The following is a list of the eight best money exchange firms in the UAE:

  1. Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau: Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau is a very prominent money exchange house that was formed in the year 1996. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of UAE,Top Money Exchangers in UAE Articles and their business mainly comprises of money exchanging and transfers. The firm has connections with all the leading international banks, and the customers can remit their money to any destination be it India, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, or Europe easily   

  2. Alfa Exchange: Alfa Exchange is one of the leading companies in the foreign exchange business in the UAE. The firm was established in the year 2009, and all of its employees are very skilled and experienced in the Banking and Exchange field. The company sells and buys foreign currencies at the best possible market rates, and their rates for all their services are very competitive. The company aims to become an established name in the field of foreign exchange, remittances, and cash management.

  3. Dubai Exchange Center LLC:Dubai Exchange makes money exchange convenient as they offer the best exchange rates. This allows the customer to exchange more money. It has one of the largest connectivity across UAE.

  4. Index Exchange LLC: Index exchange LLC, established in 1976, was the first company to receive a license by the UAE Central bank for providing remittances, as well as, for exchanging foreign currencies and issuing traveler’s cheques. The company believes in innovation and is always ready to embrace new technology. The firm conducts remittances of foreign currencies for both individual and commercial purposes and also provides other services, such as bill payments. The company aims to increase its range of services to its clients by collaborating with other firms.

  5. Al Azhar Money Exchange: Al Azhar Money Exchange is a firm that is known for its high-class money exchange services and other related activities. The company has many experienced and skilled personnel working for it who are very committed to giving the customers excellent service.

  6. Al Fuad Exchange Establishment: Al Fuad is a well-known exchange company that has been providing transfer services to its clients in the Middle East and other regions since 2000. The company is innovative, and its mission is to provide the latest products and best service possible to its clients. The company sells and buys all types of currencies at the best reasonable rates. The firm has the vision to be one of the best financial services company offering its services to both domestic as well as international clients. The company's experienced staff believes in treating all its customers equally with respect and provides them all with the same high-quality service. The firm also customizes its services as per the specific needs of the clients. The company uses the latest advanced technology to process all transactions speedily and provides the best possible delivery times for all services. It also offers real-time online transfer services to its clients.

  7. Cash Express Money Exchange Center: Cash Express Money Exchange Center is one of the best money exchange firms in the UAE and provides transfer services to all parts of the world. The company has tie-ups with major banks all over the world. The firm ensures that its precious customers can make their money transactions speedily and offers them the lowest exchange rates possible. The company also believes in providing the customers with a safe and secure service and has the solutions for all their needs,whether it is educational, medical or any other. The firm also helps the customers maintain their peace of mind by allowing them to track their money until it reaches its destination safely.

  8. Dubai Express Exchange: Dubai Express Exchange, founded in 1992, is a reputed firm that mainly deals with money transfers and money exchange for its clients in the UAE. The company’s uniqueness lies in its simplicity, and it customizes its services as per the clients’ demands. The firm has strategically located its branches in order to be able to serve the customers in a better way. For those clients who are located afar from the city, they have made provisions to serve them at their doorstep. To make it convenient for their customers, they even provide services during holidays as well as outside business hours. This is of great value to clients who have their construction sites offshore and saves them a lot of time. The firm provides all types of exchange and transfer services utilizing their vast network of banks, correspondents, and agents. In addition to the usual transfer and exchange services, the company also offers financial outsourcing services to big organizations. The company’s mission is to give full satisfaction to customers through their innovative, high-quality services and competitive exchange rates. The firm also ensures compliance with all the regulations.

Selecting one from the above exchange companies will ensure that your money will be securely and speedily transferred to your required destinations, and you will also be able to exchange currencies at the lowest possible rates.

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