Way To Make Flight Reservation For Visa Application.

Jan 26




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In this article, we find out the difference between a flight itinerary and a flight ticket. Moreover, we are going to discuss how to get a verifiable flight reservation for a visa application.


Many passengers or travelers have the same concern regarding these two abbreviations. I think it may be because they sound like the same. But after reads this article,Way To Make Flight Reservation For Visa Application. Articles you will certify that these both are different.

So, let’s get to start!

What is an Actual Flight Ticket? The actual flight ticket is something you buy for travel from one place to another via air transport. You can buy the ticket from any suitable airline.

Some are the following famous airline I mention here:

  • KLM
  • British Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Lufthansa

The flight ticket is also known as a boarding pass. This ticket will show all these elements:

  • Departure & Destination City
  • Passenger Name
  • Flight No.
  • Seat No.
  • Class
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Departure/Arrival Dates.

Please make sure you can get a flight ticket after spending the full amount. It is dependent on the class of flight, seat, date, etc.

Mostly flight tickets use for travel purposes. But sometimes visa Embassy demanding an actual flight ticket for the visa application process.

What is Flight Reservation or Dummy Flight Ticket?   Flight reservation is not an actual flight ticket. It’s just a reservation for a specific trip. Its shows that the person already reserves the flight seat for his/her travel.

The flight reservation will show these elements:

  • Departure & Destination City
  • Passenger Name
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Departure/Arrival Dates.

Mainly flight reservation is used for a visa application purpose. Because the Embassy always recommends an applicant to attach verifiable flight reservations at the time of visa application submission.

The process of visa application approval is very Complex.

Let’s suppose you buy the full flight ticket, and your visa gets rejected by an embassy, then you will be lost your great money.

On the other hand, if you attach a flight reservation with your visa application and your visa gets rejected, then you just lost a maximum of $15 or maybe less.

Due to this reason always suggested attaching a flight reservation with your visa application.


If you finally plan to travel and going to submit visa documents, then attach a verifiable flight itinerary with your visa application. This will save your money as well as increase your visa approval chance.