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Are you looking for the best resources to get high quality stock images on a regular basis? Well to fulfill your necessity, we have listed 7 top sites that you can consider to find free images and use them as per your needs.

If you have ever searched for a good stock photo for a blog,Guest Posting site, poster, or anything, you know the struggle is real. The picture that catches your eye is never free. And by now, you have probably realized that we have to shell out an excellent amount to download a single photo.

Well, if you need high-quality stock photos on a regular basis, it is helpful to subscribe to one of these sites, like Shutterstock or Getty Images. But what if you simply need just a handful of images once or twice a year? Paying a whole year’s subscription fee, in that case, is definitely not worth it.

Luckily, there are a few free stock photo sites that offer excellent photos for absolutely no fee. They have enormous collections, and most times, you’ll find precisely what you are looking for.

In this blog, we have listed 7 of our favorite sites that we use for our own professional endeavors.

All of these sites have the Creative Commons CC0 license, which means that you can download the image and use it for personal or professional reasons without crediting anyone! That’s quite great, right?


Pixabay is a cult favorite and rightly so. Check out all the sites featuring the best site for free stock photos, and you’ll see Pixabay perched on the top always. This site offers over one million high-quality images for you to download and use without attribution.

What’s good about Pixabay is that its search category is quite advanced that most of its contemporaries. You can customize your search result by using various parameters and categories like media type, color, orientation, and size.

On top of that, if you're feeling a bit too adventurous, try using AND, NOT, and OR operators to build some concrete search results. Sometimes, the resolution of images is not as high as sites like Pexel, but it gets the job done for most web and print needs.  


Pexels is yet another site that’s almost synonymous with free stock photos. The images available in Pexels are very high resolution, which means that you can use them in big spaces like giant prints and so on.

Many photos listed here are over 10 MB in size! Moreover, they also contain information about every single picture, like which camera was used to capture it and what software went into editing. Like Pixabay, Pexel’s search system is quite advanced too. You can search using parameters like popular searchers, new photos, newly uploaded images, and popular photos. All the images are well tagged, highly searchable, and easy to discover through the discovery pages.


Stocksnap.io may not be as big as Pexels or Pixabay when it comes to the number of images they offer, but if there’s that one particular photo that you can’t find anywhere else, there’s a good chance that Stocksnap will help you out.

Although there are fewer images, the photos resolution is very high and is on par with Pexels. The search bar is also quite accommodating, with options like date, views, trending, downloads, and favorites. If you want to speed up the process, you can directly click on the category page and browse images that way. While Stocksnap also displays sponsored, priced images in results, you can notice them right away due to watermarks emblazoned over the images. If you’re a travel or food blogger, it’s definitely worth giving this site a shot.


Unlike most sites listed here that proudly display their vast oceans of images, Gratisography has something different going on for it and offers World’s quirkiest free stock images in high-resolution. 

At Gratisography, you won’t get that typical Shutterstock-vibe image. Hundreds of free photos are added weekly, and only the most interesting submissions make it to the website. The quality of images is also constant throughout the website, and most images are contributed by the site owner, Ryan McGuire himself.

Here, you can search for images by ‘new pictures,’ ‘all,’ or one of the six categories (whimsical, people, urban, objects, nature, and animals). Note: This site employs pagination, which means that you can scroll and scroll without ever hitting bottom!

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics should be your go-to site if your niche is something that’s creative, modern, or abstract-y. While Kaboom Pics doesn’t boast of a database featuring millions of images, what they lack in terms of size, they more than makeup for it with their unique photos.

You can sort the search process by using various elements like a hashtag, category, and search bar. The whole process is hassle-free with a one-click download solution, and you don’t even have to log in to download.

This site hosts excellent images, particularly for categories like fashion, food, landscape, and architecture.

Get Refe

It’s only natural that we want only the best-looking photos with professionalism oozing from it when it comes to selecting photos for our website. But Get Refe has decided not to go by the rulebooks and also features stock photos taken with mobile devices.

That’s commendable of Get Refe as they are capitalizing on a huge talent gap in the industry, which is giving validation to photos clicked using mobile devices. This site connects you to plenty of talented photographers that are near-geniuses with their smartphones.

Get Refe categorizes the image in 9 unique categories: abstract, business, foodstuff, home, lifestyle, nature, outdoor, transport, and travel.

Shopify Burst

Shopify Burst is the new kid in the block. Backed by its parent company, e-commerce giant Shopify, this free image site is here to make a splash. In essence, with this platform, Shopify is trying to make finding images a seamless experience for its shop owners. And in the process, bloggers like us are greatly benefitted too!

The best part of this site is that you can search the images using the “Collection” feature. There are over 50 collections that are displayed like the way you would find them on Pinterest. With each category, you can dig a level or two deeper!

Shopify Burst is also a firm believer in inclusion provision, which allows models to self-identify at the time of the photoshoot, allowing them to control search terms related to their images.

Note: On some of these sites mentioned above, like Pixabay, they have a block of photos, usually at the top or bottom with a different background color, which is listed as stock images, mainly from Shutterstock. Don’t get confused between these photos and actually free photos. Even if you get confused and click on one of the sponsored photos, they’ll ask you to create an account and pay for it.

Now that we have discussed the seven best sites for free stock images let’s dive into what's next.

Background Removal in Images

A lot of times, e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay require images to have clear backgrounds. Failing to comply with image regulations will even get you banned. Manipulating photos and backgrounds can become a real hassle when you don’t have expertise in handling advanced software like Adobe Photoshop. In that case, you’ll often have to resort to freelancing the job or hiring an in-house designer. But is that pocket-friendly? Umm, not really.

What Should I Go With?

That's where Bg Eraser comes to the play. There are many instant background removal tools available on the internet today that claim to get the job done in a fraction of seconds. But unlike many of them, Bg Eraser actually sticks to its claims and fulfills them.

Without even logging in, you can use some of its features like removing background in images that are up to 700x700 or 2 MB in size.

If you choose to go with a paid plan, it unlocks many more perks for you. From better file qualities with a maximum dimension of 2000x2000 to batch processing, it merely makes the process of editing photos for e-commerce a frictionless business. And it’s not just e-commerce websites that need a clear background. Many times, blogs and other sites make use of these kinds of images to give them a crisp and clear look.

Also, there’s no need to mark the areas in the image using markers manually. Bg Eraser’s advanced AI system automatically detects what needs to be kept and what needs to be discarded, giving you a smooth, professional result in 3-5 seconds.

With Bg Eraser, you also don’t have to worry about your images being misused or stolen by someone else. All the photos in your Bg Eraser database are automatically removed after 24 hours of being uploaded. Thus, Bg Eraser gives your perfect online privacy, a feature that all of its contemporaries lack.  

Bg Eraser is also very affordable, costing you as little as $0.03 per image. If you decide on a subscription plan, the deal gets even sweeter. For instance, processing a batch of 50 images will set you back only $5 per month, while 100 photos will cost you $9.99. If you need to edit several hundred photos a month, we recommend you try a $29.99 per month pack, which allows you to edit a whopping 999 photos monthly!

One more feather to Bg Eraser’s hat. It’s quite versatile, and once you switch to this background eraser, you won’t feel the need to use any other application as its backup or to makeup for functions it doesn’t provide. You can easily download background eraser software for both windows and mac, with sizes being smaller than three MB for both the operating systems. It’s compatible with the Mac OS X system and Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP.

Try Bg Eraser for absolutely no cost today and check out yourself!


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