Basic of PHP and ASP.Net programming Languages

Nov 3


Guruji Softwares

Guruji Softwares

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Fundamental Understanding of PHP and ASP.NET Programming Languages and Difference between two Programming Languages with Basic.


We are defining here two standard website programming language PHP (Hyper text processor) and ASP (Active Server Page) for Website Programming Development. Basically it is database driven languages. Whenever you require huge data connectivity and extra features PHP and ASP are useful. ASP.NET is such type of programming language which providing by Microsoft Product Technology. On other hand PHP is an open source programming language which is derived from many of various languages.

To develop dynamic database oriented websites these both programming languages are used. Microsoft Product mostly comfortable with Active Server Pages (ASP) and is also used IIS Server (Internet Information Server) to run asp application. But PHP can connect with different types of databases and so it is platform independent programming language.

There are some differences between two website programming languages define as per below.

Database Connectivity

IIS Server is required to install on a windows server platform for an ASP.Net to run successfully. But it is required to purchase the package. Other side PHP is free package to run programs on Linux server. In ASP.Net it requires MS SQL Server of Microsoft so that database connectivity is expensive for ASP.Net. And PHP basically uses MY SQL for database connectivity which is freed accessible.

The Simplicity

There is code behind structure of PHP is simple to understand,Basic of PHP and ASP.Net programming Languages Articles a fresh programmer can do easily to code it. Other hand ASP.Net codes are not so easy to quick understand for programmers.

Run Time Speed

If we discuss about run time speed of PHP and ASP then PHP should gets the upper hand because of ASP.Net generally uses the code which is require to time. And PHP code has in built memory space to run fast web application.

Security Purpose

ASP.Net is most useful to big Organization which has required more security for its internal process and some security numbers. Because of ASP.Net is so safety protection and PHP has not a security Level Because of it is open source code. So this is mail difference between PHP and ASP.Net.

           And finally, we can conclude that both programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is just depending upon the user’s requirement and budget to afford for any kind of web programming development. Generally we can say that PHP is for small or middle level business websites and ASP.Net is for a real big company or business firm.

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