Don't Be Held Hostage! Kill Your Web Designer

May 1


Tom Antion

Tom Antion

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Don't Be Held Hostage! Kill Your Web Designer by Tom ... I'm not ... that you yank out an AK-47 and blow yourWeb ... life away. I'm using "kill" here in the same senseas you might


Don't Be Held Hostage! Kill Your Web Designer by Tom Antion

No,Don't Be Held Hostage! Kill Your Web Designer Articles I'm not suggesting that you yank out an AK-47 and blow your
Web designer's life away. I'm using "kill" here in the same sense
as you might say "kill the lights" or "use the kill switch." Turn
off your Web designer's money-wasting flood of hostage-taking

If you read this article and can honestly say that your Web
designer doesn't engage in these practices, by all means keep
them around! There are, Heaven knows, precious few such designers
around. But if you're like most of us, at least a few of these
behaviors are likely to sound all too familiar. In that case,
it's your duty to turn off your Web designer's money spigot and
find someone else (or learn to do this stuff yourself; it's not
that hard).

Any semi-literate eight-year-old can design a Web site. Just look
around the Web and you'll conclude that it is being designed
largely, if not entirely, by semi-literate eight-year-olds. That
does not mean that these people can design a useful and
successful small-business Web site, though.

Ask yourself this simple question. Can you or someone on your
staff easily add navigation buttons and pages to your site and
update the contents of existing pages? If your answer is "No,"
then your Web designer is holding you hostage and you should kill
him or her. Period.

Why shouldn't you let the Web design "expert" handle such things?
Simple. You can't afford to find your business stymied while you
wait for someone else, whose agenda isn't the same as yours, to
find the time and inclination to fix a problem. Whether it's a
typo or a product price change or a color switch or a new product
you want to add to your catalog, you need to be able to control
when and how these changes happen.

You need tremendous speed if you're going to gain and maintain a
tremendous marketing edge on the Internet. Every minute your site
is inaccurate or incomplete or non-functional, it costs you money
and market share. Web designers almost certainly have another
agenda. They want to work on cool projects that pay short-term
cash. You've already paid them and nobody likes to do routine
maintenance work on a site. So you go to the back of the line,
the bottom of the compost heap to rot while your competitors, who
know how to manage their Web designers, beat the crap out of you
in the marketplace.

Don't let this happen to you. Insist that you or someone on your
team be taught how to make basic site changes and that you have
all the necessary login names and passwords to get at the site to
make the changes. If your designer balks at this request, kill
him or her.

It's your site and it's absolutely crucial to your business. Take
charge of it.


Tom Antion is an Internet Marketing expert who really makes money
on the Internet . . . he's not giving a book report. Tom is the
founder of the infamous "ButtCamp" seminars where you learn to
make money sitting at home on your rear end. Contact him at or visit or

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