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One the most widely using accounting software for small businesses is QuickBooks. Most businesses use QuickBooks POS system to manage their in-store sales and accounting. It is a cumbersome job if you have a website and you are not able to sync your orders, customers and Products with your QuickBooks POS and accounting system.

After developing and testing a couple of applications and plugins,Guest Posting we found MyWorks to be one of the most seamless and user-friendly application. You can sync products, orders, customer, and tax information.


Woocommerce Orders

· Sync woocommerce orders as sales receipts or sales orders

· You can sync orders with a specific order status, like complete, processing, on hold etc.

· You can also sync orders after a certain status like Complete.


Product Sync

· Products can sync either from woocommerce to QuickBooks or QB to Woocommerce, depending on your setting.

· Product SKU, description, Name can be synced from QB to Woocommerce, you get multiple options that you use in woocommerce and you can select from the dropdown.


Customer Sync

· Customers from woocommerce to QuickBooks can be synced automatically without any manual work.

· Select the username or first and last name.

· Select billing address or email address to complete the user data.



· Select taxable or non-taxable code


There is a monthly subscription that you have to sign up for and you will need a website developer to sync the woocommerce and QuickBooks connector and map the fields.

One thing that makes My works a great application to work is the exceptional customer service. The support is provided by creating a ticket and is usually solved within 24 hours.


My works is one of the most affordable POS connector available in the market. It is also extremely simple and streamlined.


At Mystic Web Designs, we have synced My Works applications with almost half a dozen clients. All the clients used QuickBooks POS system and the website platform is either WordPress or Woocommerce.


It usually requires less than a week to complete the entire integration. Customer has to create an account and after creating an account, it is advisable to schedule an onboarding demo with MyWorks team to check the POS and website settings. The first appointment is usually provided within a week, sometimes it can take two weeks.


The connection between the POS and website platform is simple but there are following scenarios where it needs MyWorks specialist.

· The connector might not work due to the computer system not supporting the latest windows or Mac updates.

· The connector stops running if there was an update and the computer stops.

· If you have installed the connector on one computer and install or update your POS on another computer.

· POS system and the connector must be on the same computer.


In conclusion, if you are using QuickBooks POS and looking to reconcile your in store and online web sales then MyWorks would be a great application to check. You can easily reconcile your accounts with a click of a button end of the day and manage your customer data without exporting and adding manually.


For any questions on MyWorks integration with Woocommerce or Magento, reach out to Mystic Web Designs.

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