The Unattractive Factors of Responsive Web Designing

Feb 4




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We have read, researched, and utilized the concept of responsive web design like it’s the last drop of technology we will ever have the opportunity to come across to the responsive web design company India. But we should be sure that it is not the case always if there are advantages to an aspect there is a definite possibility there would also be disadvantages to it.


The top SEO company in Mumbai offers a wide range of services to choose from for responsive design according to the needs of their clients.  There are always some or the other drawbacks related to any concept. For responsive web designing,The Unattractive Factors of Responsive Web Designing Articles it’s the same. Though there are different factors contributing to it we will have a quick detailed glance at it.

  • We want variety in everything that we look for, same is the case of responsive designed websites we always make sure to make the outlook adjustable to every screen size but the  ‘one size fits all’ may have a compelling effect but it does not do the needful for the customers. In simpler terms if a user wants to view the website in his tablet or cellphone the navigation of the site might create issues, it will be difficult to view in a comprehensive manner.
  • When the responsive websites have to be updated  it may prove to be useful in updating at only a single terminal but  it sure is easier to create a new site altogether in inclusion with the updates that were needed to be done.
  • There have been conflicts regarding the consent to the visitor to access the whole data about the site or if really need to be able to access the full website content. If you’re accessing the website from a mobile, are the any specifics the users are looking for in regards to the information or queries that they might have? The best way to know  is to make use of a program like Google Analytics to track the users behavior  regarding their search, or how is it do they search for the needful information, by  their way of navigating the website etc.
  • The visitors are bored by viewing and reading the same content , gain and again, there needs to be new innovative content to be written for the user base to be increased. The contents should be different for all the devices the website is accessed from.
  • The time required for developing a responsive website is 20% more than the average time period required to build a standard website.
  • The other disadvantage I’ve come across about is the loading of the responsive sites; it is that responsive sites take longer to load on mobile devices because of the way they are created. And long load times are bad for the consumer experience.

After seeing the pros and cons, it is up to us to decide which will be the best option for us to have our business flourish.

The average development time of building a responsive website is usually 20% more than the time of building a standard site.

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