SEO company India Suggest Responsive website Design

Jul 17




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Responsive website design company India always ready to help you.


There was a time when everyone was scared about bills when it came to searching data on mobile phones. The websites took a painfully long time to load and the internet packs got exhausted quickly. With the invention of responsive web design which is a collection of techniques that make a website flexible and adapt to the size of screen it is being opened on. That is,SEO company India Suggest Responsive website Design Articles someone viewing a site on a smartphone will see the same website as the person looking at it on a desktop or a laptop in a reformatted manner so that it is suited to the design giving a good user experience. Google Analytics states that 30-35% of web traffic is coming through mobile phones making it extremely vital to adopt responsive design. Let’s discuss in detail why website development companies are going to adopt responsive design.

  • Flexibility: The flexibility of a responsive website can be compared to a liquid. Their content can access spaces and resolutions freely depending upon the screen. The fluid is an entire package as the images and grids are equally flexible to adjust to the device the content is being viewed on.
  • Enthralling User Experience: Imagine if a consumer is trying to open a website on his phone which is not responsive and takes hours to load or it is a mobile site with tiny images and scrambled text. He will get a bad impression and obviously will decide not to go for the product. Whereas responsive website development companies work their magic so that the user experience is improved by a large magnitude.
  • Economic: Having two different websites for desktop and mobile can hurt your budget. Maintaining one website is quite a task, let alone two! Different websites also means different URLs which can be inconvenient for the consumer. Having one responsive website also brings all the traffic to a single space. Thus having a single responsive website is very cost effective.
  • Google loves responsive websites: Google has gone as far as stating that responsive websites are the industry’s best practice. One responsive website instead of two different for mobile and desktop makes its easy for Google to crawl and index. SEO company India also suggest responsive web design, the new Google algorithm for SEO demands quality user experience which responsive websites easily deliver as discussed above. Social media is also very active on mobile phones so imagine if someone shares a mobile website link through his phone with a friend who opens it on a desktop. The visuals will be severely distorted and the website will earn a bad impression. A single responsive website also means more traffic on a single space, directly leading to better page rank. Thus, responsive website development company also indirectly help you with your SEO efforts.

5)      Easy Management: As discussed, having a single responsive website is extremely convenient for the company as well as the user. It also allows you to pick up keywords accordingly because mobile customers might search with different words than someone searching on his desktop.