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Most organizations and companies use a website, which has been the new norm. However, you must understand your interest before seeking a web designer or developer. They are often wrongly used interchangeably. There is a vast difference between a website developer and a website designer, though they work to build a scalable website.

It is essential to know that not all website designers are developers and vice versa and therefore can't be used for the same purposes. When making a standard or official website,Guest Posting you must understand the difference between a website designer and a developer.

It is popularly said that abuse is inevitable when the purpose of a thing is not known. What you have no idea of will cost you. If you don't know what you want, anything will look like it. You might want to ask yourself, what do I want to achieve? Who is fit for this job?

When you understand what you want to achieve, it is easier to know who is responsible for the job. Though used interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing or perform the same role. It's easier to examine the difference between both by first knowing the role they both play. Thankfully, this article will teach you more about them. Please ensure to read to the end.


What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across a website designer? To a lame man, a website designer is responsible for the graphical designs of a website. But it's more than just that; website designers are also responsible for transforming your ideas into innovations. They also determine the final outlook of your website and are termed the foundation of any website. A web designer determines the structure of any website.


A website developer is technical in its field. The website developer determines the functionality and maintenance of any website. They are responsible for taking your website to an advanced level. They transform and modify the designs made and make navigating the website more accessible. They are simply the modifiers of the website!

Top Differences between a Web Designer and developer


  1. A website designer is responsible for the graphical representation and layout of the website and effectively communicates your ideas with graphics.
  2. They use specific software such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, graphic pads, InDesign, and Design theory.
  3. They make up the structure of any website and are responsible for the final outlook.
  4. Website designers creatively communicate words in a graphical model.
  5. They are the website's initiators responsible for modeling any layout.


  1. Web developers determine the functionality and existence of the website.
  2. They make use of software languages and codes such as Javascript, Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), Cascading style sheet(CSS), Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP), amongst others, in creating a functional website.
  3. They use graphics made by the website designers to enhance its final outlook.
  4. They are responsible for modifying and improving the website, making it usable and accessible.
  5. They are responsible for the maintenance and utility of the website

In creating a website, you will need a website designer and developer; though wrongly used interchangeably, they don't perform the same roles. Each is unique and has a significant role in creating a website. This article has discussed the difference between a web designer and a developer.

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